PILI CARRERA Store, Madrid.

PILI CARRERA Store, Madrid.

📅26 agosto 2014, 10:30

The construction of this store in the Golden Mile of Madrid, the most exclusive area of Spain, aims to develop a new concept of retail space to project a new identity, a new image to the brand of children’s clothing Pili Carrera.

Pili Carrera Madrid MAM Arquitectura

Pili Carrera Madrid MAM ArquitecturaThe strategy focuses on designing a children’s clothing store for adults, discarding the much-touted option infantilizing selling space.

The project is presented as an open space with bright and warm materials that make a neutral and elegant colorful container where exposed product.
Pili Carrera Madrid MAM Arquitectura
The showcase facade becomes an essential element within project. It does work not only as a product show window but also as a flared and protective filter between the outside and inside. This filter graduate and balances the delicate border between the warmth of the interior space and the public and cold character of the street.

It is also relevant the relationship between the urban scale of the showcase and the scale of children’s clothing.

The flare generated by the sequence of interlocking slats of wood produces a transition between the large-scale of the showcase and small-scale of infant mannequins.

Pili Carrera Madrid MAM Arquitectura

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