DS Design Studio: a new scenario of a Pharmacy.

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The goal was to create a context, a scenario of a pharmacy where nature coexists with technology.

DS Design Studio

Traditional pharmacy counter was one of the rules that the client didn’t want to broke, so the project could not erase the functional separation by placing medications alongside the customers. Because of this, the counter had to be replaced in the mind of the client with something to give the feeling of a cosy place.

That feeling will be reproduced by using worm materials as light wood, to bring in some way the nature element in the game, but in the same time to combine with some lines that will inspire new technology, the innovation that can bring new products and better quality. The artificial light point out some details, but the color had to be as close as the sun. The walls glass covered to maintain a lighted space and to give transparency, a direct contact with the street in order to transform it into a landmark and in the same time to give the feeling of a wider space.

DS Design Studio

The ceiling is dynamic with rounded shapes to create the illusion of a flow of white cells. The formal elements are meant to remind the natural shapes and in the same time to introduce modern lines. The white lacquered shelves create a unique display cabinet. The colors and textures used are meant to create a bold contrast and give in the same time the feeling of a comfortable space and to focus on the products.

DS Design Studio – Bucharest Romania
Dorin Sava main designer with Ana Maria Petrescu
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