AMlab works on the PHARMACY 3.0 project and approaches to the 3.1 Release based on qualities, emotions and memory

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PHARMACY 3.0 : an innovative and accessible concept, sensory and eco-thinking… that breaks every old pattern associated with the classical idea of pharmacy and revolutionizes the way you live the store from the layout till the store-interaction, through the multi-channel, the senses and the relationship.

PHARMACY 3.AMlab works on the PHARMACY 3.0 project0

The PHARMACY 3.0 is a professional and commercial model developed according to the 3.0 marketing doctrines.

In the 1.0 marketing model it was essential to bring to the market a good product, in the 2.0 marketing it was necessary to be able to meet the consumers’ needs.

AMlab works on the PHARMACY 3.0 project

For the 3.0 marketing these things are no longer sufficient. Consumers are people with head, heart and soul and they want to transform the world improving it; companies that want to win, “head, heart and soul” of the greater number of consumers need to be tuned in with them, be on the same wavelength, to share emotions and values.

The concept of PHARMACY 3.0 was born to offer a “unique place”. The pharmacy sector has gone through a long period of inactivity from the point of view of innovation, generating a uniformity in the offer model and the sale space.

The new dynamics of consumption are in contrast with the average Italian pharmacy, which, in the collective imagination, is a place to visit only when it’s strictly necessary and to leave as soon as possible.

AMlab works on the PHARMACY 3.0 project

AMlab has designed a “new place” where the stay could be enjoyable and where the relationship with the product and the staff is established in new ways.

AMlab works on the PHARMACY 3.0 project

The PHARMACY 3.0 has been developed in terms of sustainability and environmental compatibility with natural and recyclable materials.

PHARMACY 3.0 it’s a registered trademark.

AMlab is a creative laboratory based on the mutual fertilization of strategic advice [inVISION], design [inPROJECT] and implementation [inCONTRACT] of places to live in and purchase areas.

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