Push by VISPLAY – Playful staging of merchandising.

Push is a single point support system with sophisticated technology: with just one click, the push-button adapters for merchandise supports can either pop-out or be flush to the wall panel, as required.

Push by Visplay. Playful staging of merchandising Depending on the version, adapters are either virtually invisible or appear as design elements, and can even become part of the Corporate Design. Unsightly black holes have been banished.

The merchandise is given space, fashion comes alive. Targeted, effective merchandising is VISPLAY PUSH SYSTEMachieved.

Push makes visual merchandising easy as it can be adapted to different merchandise densities: the display is always perfect whatever the quantity of products.

You can create your own layout VISPLAY PUSH SYSTEMwith Push. Position the adapters to your own taste or select a given, close pattern for a flexible display of different items and sizes.

Push can be used throughout the fashion sector as the system comes in two sizes (43 and 28 mm) with matching merchandise supports – ideal for large garments and for accessories, lingerie, swimwear and shoes.