DONA Pharmacy … a visual dialogue with the patients.

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MATIUS Architecture Studio, an enthusiastic and professional architecture studio in Romania, specialized exclusively in retail architecture, was invited to design the new identity of DONA Pharmacies, and the result was impressive: a serenity oasis that is worm and refreshing at the same time, a breath of health and inspiration.

Matius Architecture Studio specialized exclusively in retail architecture

The materials used for this project had to fulfill the hygienic requirements for a pharmacy and to allow a design that would highlight the space.

The furniture designed for the DONA Pharmacies combines HI-MACS natural acrylic stone, painted MDF with extra mat super coat finishing and painted ultra-clear glass. Seen from the street the entire pharmacy becomes a huge window that invites the customers into an almost unusually reachable and permissive.


The cash-desks are well-ordered, keeping a straight line that gives the space a comfortable atmosphere. The cash-desks are made of ultra-clear glass that has been painted green, bringing a fresh and natural aspect. For the counters of the cash-desks the first choice was the solid surface material HI-MACS because of its hygienic properties (the non-porous surface and the seamless joints make it impermeable to dirt, bacteria and viruses). Moreover, the acrylic counter is highly resistant to scratches and is very easy to clean. The back-walls are made of painted MDF with extra mat super coat finishing.

This finishing makes the MDF more resistant to daily use and scratches and has a soft, satin like texture. The friendly and intimate scenery is emphasized by the presence of a table with chair made also from HI-MACS, elements that impress with their design and create an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

The new identity of DONA pharmacies provides the perfect climate for the employees, giving them a professional environment and facilitates the patient counseling approach. DONA has curative properties with a remarkably pleasant indoor climate. The last generation materials used along with the lighting effects speak for themselves about how enjoyable and refreshing is the return to nature and to a healthy life.

Design MATIUS Studio
Furniture Atvangarde Technology
Photos courtesy Stelian Popa
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