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Concept and implementation of Kiwie Fashion Cloud franchise chain.

The concept was born from the customer’s request for a space that would be a “gallery exhibition” for its products, in which the furnishing system  vanishes and emphasizes the electronic cigarettes items, in a contemporary and sophisticated environment.

Concept and implementation of Kiwie Fashion Cloud franchise chain

The display system of tunnels, through plexiglass frames on the wall in the profile clean and straightforward, create ironic animated baroque décor printed.

Concept and implementation of Kiwie Fashion Cloud franchise chain

The same pattern is then also declined in the closet wall and counter sales, both simple volumes,  enriched by frame in printed Plexiglass.

The lighting system represents another aspect of the design, with the combination of spotlights and high suspension Artemide lamps, which recall in material furnishings are hand made, and evokes the emergence of the “cloud” mentioned in the name product.


Nomade Architettura e Interior Design

Was created in August 2010 in Milan. Nomade as architecture in motion (nomad), with a strong component of exploring desire, and the target to fix some fundamental cores around the world. At the same time no-made, as not-done YET, as the strong will of Nomade to explore all the infinite possibilities of today’s living. Nomade Architettura e Interior Design is part of an International network of architectural Practices, that have joined to go beyond boundaries.

The Interior Design cooperates with Offices in London (UK), Melbourne (Australia), Dubai, Singapore, Bangalore (India), Cape Town (South Africa).

Selina Bertola
The designer Selina, after earning her degree in Architecture in 2005 at the Politecnico of Milan, moved to London where she attended a master’s degree in Interior and Spatial design at the Chelsea College of Art and Design. After the Master, she began working with the architectural practice Artillery Architecture and interior design in London. Here she had the chance to run different projects that will take her to Paris and Frankfurt. In 2008 she returned to Italy where she worked with CLS Architects and piuarch, developing her interest in interior design, following projects ranging from hotels, residences and shops, increasing her knowledge in such areas.

The passion and interest in different cultures lead Selina around the world, increasing her knowledge and awareness different ways of life and living. In 2010 Selina has found Nomade Architettura Interior Design in Milan.
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