BOTH Boutique e Music Store, Shanghai.

BOTH Boutique e Music Store, Shanghai.

📅31 Marzo 2016, 11:14

High-end boutique and vinyl bar concept at Red Town. Red Town is place where an ironworks in Shanghai was renovation. This great outdoor hangout spot has itself into one of Shanghai’s most popular Sculpture art districts.

With galleries, cafes, exhibition spaces and creative offices, Red Town makes a great place for casual meetings and quietly working off the grid. There is also a large grassy area for reading, relaxing, doodling, picnicing and whatever it is that people.
both_boutique_shanghai-prisma-design-an-shopfitting-magazineBoth Boutique and Music Store is there. “Life is in contrast to the establishment.” This is a very important concept to tell BOTH keywords. The boutique has a metal coil hanging with steel rods to the ceiling, ordering element of the entire set-up, marked by the use of different materials following the product on display.
both_boutique_shanghai-prisma-design-an-shopfitting-magazineOn the walls, not smoothed gray plaster, exposed brick and rough wood, are the backdrop to display in iron and shelves in which cement is coupled to the light wood.

In correspondence with the change of the coating material vertical, changes also the finishing of the floor, for a product diversification, emphasized also by the choice of the displaying system, which, e.i. in the area dedicated to perfumes constituted by the overlapping  of parallelepipeds of raw wood, which become wooden lacquered white area dedicated to leather goods and accessories.
both_boutique_shanghai-prisma-design-an-shopfitting-magazineOn one side of the small road that runs around the central Red Town lawn is a sleek boutique selling mostly men’s fashion items, homewares and accessories; on the other is a small cafe and bar combining an eclectic mix of music, art, and photography, it’s a hidden haven for beat-makers and audiophiles in Shanghai who want to relax to a curated selection of Vinyl’s funk, soul, jazz, and hip-hop.
both_music_store_shanghai-prisma-design-an-shopfitting-magazineThe space is rather compact and is beautifully designed. During the day, café-goers can browse the inspiration books upstairs, or preview records on in-store turntable. The shop’s Vinyl’s music selection is curated by Both’s Kobayashi Yoshiharu, a Nagoya native whose passion for obscure records is evident when browsing the walls.
both_music_store_shanghai-prisma-design-an-shopfitting-magazineKobayashi travels to Japan and the U.S. regularly to bring records back to the café. At night, Both Music becomes a venue that hosts weekly DJ workshops, discussion forums with musicians, music groups of all genres  and film screenings.

Designers Prism Design
Construction JF Design & Construction Co,.Ltd
Lighting Supplier Koizumi Lighting Technology Co. Ltd
Photos courtesy © Prism Design
by AN shopfitting magazine no.131 ©


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