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After three new sales points in Neapolitan land, the Campanian brand Sartoria Condotti reaches Milan, the capital and the fashion symbol, as a springboard to export its know-how and as a reference point in the menswear tailoring.

The affinity between Mr. Francesco Mucciardi and SpinaDesign is well established by the time, as  the designers themselves, follow the family also in the design choices of their residences.

sartoria condotti milano by spinadesign

The boutique in Milan at no.3 Via Turati, complies with the same concept of the other shops: simple, clean lines, combined with natural materials and quality granting a warmth and comfortable place, like a true fashion studio.
The designers aim is to give a cosy place, reflecting the company’s philosophy focused on “hand made”. The items are displayed according to the product sector but it follow a unique concept for all items.

sartoria condotti milano by spinadesign

The wenge furnishing system, has been built in niches created by counter plasterboard walls; the displaying system follows the same concept, modular and multi-purpose and, through the use of racks, it is possible to change and customize the display of the garment in order to enhance the use.
The continuous reference element, in addition to the same material, is represented by the blockage frame of the displays: a solid wood trapezium turning onto two vertical sides, and the upper face (horizontal), starting from the floor from bases slightly larger; the frame is adorned with brushed steel finishing.

The same recognisable details are on the cash counter and on the work table, both with a bind side and a top glass for the display.

sartoria condotti milano by spinadesign

Differences of material can be seen in the cash counter and the footwear display, for which they  used natural oak wood and a mirrored burnished bottom, to keep dark the tones of the premise.
The displays and the counter desk are outlined by led strips, buildt on the work directly. The led’s lighting system is quite natural as well as the suspended spots of the electrified track (450k) in order to keep unchanged the genuine color of ther furnishing system and the garments.

Monocromatic ceiling and walls in medium grey foster the right vitality to the store, without darken or weigh down it, but increasing the contents. The preexisting parquet, polished and refined, well combines with the units inside the boutique. All the intact walls present images broadcasting the philosophy of Sartoria Condotti brand.


From the ancient tradition of Neapolitan tailoring

Sartoria Condotti is the result of more than a century experience of Neapolitan tailoring tradition. Each garment is made with attention to any detail and every line enhances the business concept. Sartoria Condotti brand does not just mean creating clothes: it also involves customers, suggest them the best outfit for every occasion in order to meet their need.

Passion and attention made in Italy
The realization of a made in Italy product is like a ritual: passion and care come together to bring out every detail and allow our customers to wear the elegance. This is Sartoria Condotti mission.


SpinaDesign Studio by Paolo and Nicola Spina established in Naples in 1976, works on design for commercial areas; the versatile young team improve innovating projects on the sector. SpinaDesign solves any furnishing problem, using modular units or producing custom made systems cooperating with joineries and artisans. Ideas, tests and creativity are the characteristics of the professional team enable to monitor the works; from the design until the management ad care of details.

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