NOVALUX, innovation that lights up new solutions.

NOVALUX, innovation that lights up new solutions.

📅16 Febbraio 2017, 13:56

From a daring experiment with new materials and a careful research of the quality of luminous source, as well as the modularity and  versatility of products use, emerges a group of values epitomized in the concept of “Novalux quality”.

The successful strategy which Novalux has embraced since 1948, is based on the ability to observe and identify quickly the style changes of modern society.

A family company, in the purest sense of the word. Guided across the years by the heart, devotion and passion of both the owners and the staff. This is what keeps invariably high the standards of quality and clear the objectives to reach, while giving always the best result to the Client.

In the course of over 60 years of its history, the lighting world has experienced an accelerated transformation period, a challenge to which Novalux has always managed to respond.

Novalux lighting

The lighting world today is comparable to that of fashion and therefore one should face it at a rapid pace, with innovative products and careful and targeted marketing and communication policies.This is exactly the cornerstone of being successful with the clients who are to be assisted at any time and with each of their requirements in a precise and qualified manner.

This has led us to ensuring the highest quality standards in production, as well as to expanding our production space which today occupies 12.000 sq.m. out of the overall 30.000 sq.m. of company premises.

A creative and flexible company who works in synergy with the designers to support them in developing bespoke  LIGHTS “ to measure”. Customized special products that are born to be integrated in the architecture of environments and to fit  to particular design requirements. A customized product  therefore becomes an aesthetic CREATION and a technical SOLUTION, an opportunity. Its strength is the PASSION and faith in the energy of NEW IDEAS , since light is not only a functional necessity but an instrument to wake up emotions.

A manufacturer who can produce customized  prototypes and lighting fixtures in rapid timeframes and with excellent quality standards, which is a characteristic that makes it highly competitive on all key international markets.

Novalux apparecchi illuminazione

From a concept to a project, from an idea to its implementation.

The certification of Quality UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 represents a tangible sign of commitment from the entire Company to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Novalux , utilizing 100% natural materials like plasterboard has introduced Cartoon light, a family of products for general or directional lighting. The material’s features allow for a variety of customized and adaptable applications, with a possibility to paint it with any type of paint or to personalize it with wallpaper.

A mix of research, sustainability and performance to create new emotions in light. Engage, manage and live the light in order to enjoy situations, objects and spaces through highlighting their purpose and shape with no waste.

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