New products from retail lighting specialist Ansorg.

Ansorg illuminazione retail

The retail industry is constantly raising the bar when it comes to store lighting requirements.

As a retail lighting specialist, Ansorg meets these challenges every day by constantly designing new lighting solutions.

The latest achievements of this development are:

  • universal spotlight family Coray, which comes in three sizes available in seven different models for all retail areas
  • the compact, high-performance spotlight Kono
  • the Navo NSH spotlight specially designed for ceiling heights of up to six meters.

Ansorg combines technical know-how with quality design and lighting expertise. These qualities are applied to a single purpose: setting the scene for the goods to promote sales. For this, the company relies on design-oriented quality products, innovative light control and economical lighting technology. And the scenes are always made to measure.

Coray – one for all


The new spotlight family offers consistency of design and maximum flexibility. The Coray family provides the latest technology combined with a new design language. Currently in seven variants, Coray stands for consistent design across all structural shapes. At the same time the outer shape clearly places the functionality of the luminaires at the forefront. Coray, as a functional as well as unmistakable detail has a newly designed chamfer. It emphasizes the transition from the luminaire body to the reflector and stylishly defines the termination of the product. All of the members of the Coray family have the new Ansorg seal. The haptic sign is an insignia of the quality and competence for which Ansorg has stood for over 60 years. After successful quality checking all of the new Ansorg luminaires will be marked with it in future.

Kono provides compact performance and flexible lighting


Little boats splash about dreamily in Amsterdam’s canals. The gable ornamentation on the splendid merchants’ houses looks down on visitors with their bulging shopping bags. Today the waterways of the Dutch capital still bear testimony to the worldwide goods traffic in the golden age of the trading nation. Nowadays the little shops in the narrow alleyways of the old part of the city still have an enormous turnover of goods. As in many old city quarters of the world’s metropoles with high sales levels the low ceilings of the buildings under protection as historical monuments are a constant challenge for shop fitters and lighting designers. With Kono Ansorg has created a luminaire that has been specially adapted for such building structure situations compact in its design, flexible in the lighting characteristics with high-performance light sources.


Navo NSH guarantees brilliant dynamic light from a height of six metres
Ansorg illuminazione retail

An addition to the family is a joyful event also in luminaire families. The latest member of Ansorg‘s Navo spotlight dynasty is the NSH variant. Since Ansorg has listened carefully to its customers and implemented their needs precisely in the new variant. Navo NSH is the specialist for high ceilings. With it the retail trade receives all the advantages of shadow and glare-free light from the proven lighting for aisles containing the assortment, also from a height of up to six metres. It is ideal for hypermarkets, DIY stores and car dealerships.

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