MAISON KITSUNÉ Flagship Store, New York

Mathieu Lehanneur progetto flagship store Maison Kitsuné New York

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Mathieu Lehanneur has been enlisted by Paris-based fashion brand and music label Maison Kitsuné to create the global concept and interior design of the brand’s new flagship store in New York, a visual and physical representation of Maison Kitsuné’s heritage of uniting fashion, music and design.

Maison Kitsune new york flagship storeThe story of Maison Kitsuné is a story of links: the links between France and Japan and those between fashion and music. Maison Kitsuné’s new flagship store in New York materializes these connections throughout the space,” says Lehanneur.

After five years in premises on Broadway, close to Madison Square, Maison Kitsuné is relocating to a 130 sqm space on the ground floor of a brownstone building at 248 Lafayette Street, SoHo.

A curving vine-like rail works its way around the space from the concrete textured floor to the elegant high ceilings, drawing customers in past the showcase windows towards the fitting rooms at the back.

Simultaneously a hanging support for garments, part of the furniture and lighting fixture, this iridescent and reflective metallic tube is described by the designer as a “magic pencil, drawing its own line within the space”.

Maison Kitsune new york flagship storeAnother suggestion of magic and enchantment is found in the pure and opaque ‘ghost’ window panes created by wall mouldings through which one can’t see … but which seem to suggest an inaccessible courtyard just beyond.

Marble, concrete and mirrored and bi-chromated steel are combined in the designer’s concept to create a luxurious and serene –yet exciting- space that is characterized by Lehanneur’s signature blend of organic and mineral elements.

Maison Kitsune new york flagship storeMaison Kitsuné has confirmed that it plans to continue its tradition of experimental programming, hosting events such as Kitsuné Club Night, Kitsuné Showcase and Kitsuné Afterwork series in its new flagship store.

Mathieu Lehanneur  is one of the few designers of his generation with a genuine multi-disciplinary approach to creativity in the international scene. His projects stretch the realms of product design and objet to architecture, craft and technology.
Lehanneur thrives on creating spectacular projects that are intended to enchant and to encourage wellbeing. The designer’s passion and skill lie in the exploration of the natural and technical possibilities of an object in order to create designs which are functional, but which appeal to the physical and emotional senses.

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