BLUFISH-Apm Restaurant Beijing.

BLUFISH-Apm Restaurant Beijing.

📅09 Maggio 2018, 16:20

Blufish is the new restaurant designed by SODA Architects in the basement of the APM shopping mall in Wangfujing Street, Beijing.

Soda Architects interior design ristorante Blufish Pechino

The space resembles an underwater world full of fantasy and mobility with white as basic tone and a blue and pink colored metal mesh extending down from the top of the ceiling.

The mesh is made through a laser-cut process and attached to the white smooth surface of the walls and ceiling, which creates a unique underwater image with gorgeous, translucent, vague, unstable visual effects. The sense of continuity of two dining areas has been enhanced with the natural curved surface shape of the space, making the maximum use of layer height effectively.
Soda Architects interior design ristorante Blufish Pechino
The lack of sharp edges extends the space, creating four undersea cave-like units as independent dining locations. To echo the theme of the restaurant and express the warm colors of the scene, SODA team chose six kinds of hand-drawn sketches that look fairytale-like, easy and warm to represent the underwater coral and aquatic plants and fishes.
Soda Architects interior design ristorante Blufish Pechino
It is expected that people will feel cozy and relaxed indoors, as if there is fresh air of the Mediterranean Sea in Southern France blowing.

Architect SODA Architects
Lead Architects Jiang Yuan, Song Chen
Construction Shanghai Jin Sheng Building Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd
Location no.138, WangFuJing, Beijing, China
Area 210 sqm
Photos courtesy Chen Xiyu

SODA Architects

The International architectural practice is based in Paris and Beijing, and was founded by Mr Jiang Yuan and Mr Song Chen. The architects gained their artistic and architectural experience working in internationally renowned offices, such as the ateliers Jean Nouvel.
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