In the heart of Milan rises OTIVM, a 400 sqm restaurant.

In the heart of Milan rises OTIVM, a 400 sqm restaurant.

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In the heart of Milan rises OTIVM, a 400 sqm restaurant

Otivm restaurant from an idea of N+M Design Studio

From an idea of N+M Design Studio, a venue born to amaze.

In a building designed by Giò Ponti in the centre of Milan and more precisely close to the famous Piazza Cordusio, the architects and designers of N+M Design Studio find the right inspiration to create a restaurant that revolutionizes and transforms the classic architectural standards.

Otivm restaurant from an idea of N+M Design Studio

The project inspired by De Chirico mixes the principles of interior design with the purely architectural ones. The restaurant is characterized by a strong theatrical and surrealist atmosphere.

The resin flooring marked by sinuous lines recalling the soft and undulating lines of the roof, seems to welcome and, at the same time, embrace the customer, introducing him in an extremely suggestive environment.

Otivm restaurant from an idea of N+M Design Studio

Arches with clean and neoclassical lines have been specially created to emphasize and create perspective, accentuated by a background of yellow/orange tones that aims to create deliberately undefined images that play on the free interpretation of the observer.

The staircase leading to the mezzanine of the room is supported by an imposing neoclassical column half-painted in a burgundy color and half-blue by night that recalls the nuances of de Chirico’s palette.

Adjacent to this important column, built to mark the space, an area dedicated to the dinner shows and, in particular, to the performances of aerial performances.

Otivm restaurant from an idea of N+M Design Studio

Quite up to the mezzanine it is possible to see the area dedicated to the toilet. The bathrooms are sectioned into a volume that, on the mezzanine, is separated from the other areas through an opaque and striped glass through which it is possible to see the washbasins. N+M Design architect make this block separated from this fifth in glass with the aim of offering customers the seductive  female silhouettes while using the sinks.

The bar has a marble open vein in which the shape of a huge mantis makes out, while the back of the bar shows the same block with striped glass used for the toilets.

Within this seductive and metaphysical atmosphere, various elements are inserted such as the elegant armchairs by Lisa SCAB Design, champagne stainless steel details, plain lines of the roof suddenly stopped by the great column which recalls the phallic symbol.

Otivm restaurant from an idea of N+M Design Studio

The lighting system by VIABIZZUNO consists of seven large chandeliers that reflect the same concept of the arches. During the after dinner it is possible to admire how the architectural forms are revitalized, thanks to the synergy of music and light design, sitting in front of the bar-counter on  stools and poufs by PEDRALI.

The furnishing system and the equipment have been created by PAM.ARCO Company under the artistic vision of the architect Matteo Bertazzo for M.B.A. Contract.
OTIVM is therefore a venue, a restaurant created to break the schemes, an environment outlined by surrealist references, by physical shapes that open the doors to metaphysical dimensions, by lines, colours, and many elements that live and move thanks to the attention of Nick Maltese and the architects of N+M Design Studio

N+M Design Studio’s goal on the visions of everyday stylelife. To tell the story is fundamental so to specialize in architecture and interior design in order to transform the users in key players of the spaces. The Studio is involved to mainly project Restaurants, but also Cocktail Bars and Retail Spaces, Disco-Clubs and Hotels.

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