Cloud&Co. Ice Cream Shop

Futura Creative Studio - Progetto di interni per la Gelateria CLOUD&CO

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Located in the developing Msheireb Downtown area of Doha, Cloud&Co. creates homemade ice cream.

Inspired by Maurits Cornelis Escher, the Dutch graphic artist famed for his detailed distorted realities that spin viewers on their axis with optical and conceptual effects, Mexico City-based colour-loving creative studio, Futura, created a dreamlike universe for artisanal gelato store Cloud & Co.

CLOUD&CO. Ice Cream Shop - Doha

The interior design followed the inspiration of Escher´surreal scenes and refers to a dreamlike universe to reaffirm the new gelato culture in a fantastic atmosphere of pastel skies and cotton candy clouds.

The customer’s area is divided into two parts: one completely pink in which an imaginative and playful world is created incorporating elements that encourage the interaction. On the other side, a totally blue environment creates a mysterious and dreamy scene. Both parts are connected by a counter that manages to unite both areas into a daydream world.

The volume of the counter in terrazzo finish and the details brought by light and accessories break the totalizing use of the colors, highlight profiles and details giving a distinctly graphic and highly Instagrammable environment.

CLOUD&CO. Ice Cream Shop - Doha

Location Doha, Qatar
Design Futura Creative Studio
Photos courtesy Futura Creative Studio

Futura Creative Studio

Futura is a creative Studio based in Mexico City, founded in 2008, with the goal of transforming traditional design forms and trying to change the way design is developed and consumed globally.

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