NiiiZ DESIGN LAB designs V12 Flagship Store

Niiiz DESIGN LAB progetta il flagship store del brand giapponese V12

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V12 is a unique brand that specializes in golf wear, born in Japan.

The name is inspired by the V12 engine, the heart of supercar. The main targets are “The Young and Rich Riding a Supercar”, that is, young people who enjoy showing off by dressing bold designs for fluorescent jumpers and bags decorated with various jewels. What V12 considered important while achieving this flagship store, was to break away from the functionalist image of golf wear.

NiiiZ DESIGN LAB designs V12 Flagship Store

NiiiZ DESIGN LAB designed the space following the concept of “unexpected scenes” by combining various materials and structure to create uncommon scenes.

NiiiZ DESIGN LAB utilizes the arch reminiscent of luxurious and classic image actively, while also using hairline metal to bring the cold metallic properties of the V12 engine into the space. It is an appropriate combination of somewhat heterogeneous shapes and materials to create the “unexpected scenes”.

Here, they expressed the heat of the V12 engine metaphorically in the space through intense red lighting. Although it is a cold mass of metal, it shows the dual nature of the engine that gets hotter than anything else due to high heat and friction at the moment it starts.

NiiiZ DESIGN LAB designs V12 Flagship Store

Spatial composition and arrangement were derived from the same keyword. NiiiZ DESIGN LAB removed the show window boldly, together with the mannequin, and instead, installed a wall in which a huge image would be played. The inside of the store is not seen from the outside creating surprising scenes.

In the brand concept zone, located on the left side of the entrance, a black light (ultraviolet light) is installed along with red lighting, and fluorescent light colors the white products and clothes of visitors entering the space. This is intended to make the white products reflected by the wave-polished stainless steel metal plate and the perforated plate with high mirroring. About 1/3 of the store’s total area is devoted to express the brand V12, to provide a differentiated sense of space.

NiiiZ DESIGN LAB designs V12 Flagship Store

Huge masses cross the interior space giving an unstable feeling visually. The design team referred to the supercar’s internal structure, and expressed the somewhat uncomfortable feeling of riding in the supercar at the space. The counter is placed into the innermost part of the store, and instead, set up the reception zone was in front of the fitting room in order to provide convenience for customers to pay without moving to the counter. The fitting room and waiting space look like a single repeated metal wall creating surprising scenes.

The client requested a bold and simultaneously minimal design differing from commonly seen in commercial spaces. NiiiZ DESIGN LAB summarized this space by the words: unexpected scenes” in a consistent mood and heterogeneous atmosphere.

Location: Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Design: NiiiZ DESIGN LAB / Sungchul Park, Areum Han
Design Team: NiiiZ DESIGN LAB /Soojeong Lim
Area: 181 sqm
Photos courtesy: Studio Gothic

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