Progetto di interior design per il bar-caffetteria 1/2

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Architecture office CUN PANDA NANA has created the design of a café–bar located in Dadeji Bathing Beach of Gulangyu Island,China.

The brief was to design a hybrid place that mimics the surrounding natural landscape and integrates local aesthetics. Thus, through ‘1/2 Coffee & Bar’, the design team sought to form a landmark with a tree-shaped canopy welcoming visitors into an intimate environment that celebrates the island’s unique characteristics.

1/2 Coffee & Bar designed by Cun Panda Nana

The original structure of the project was part of a 19th-century building taking shape as a dome with an immersive sea view. Taking into account the urban context, history, culture, and natural resources, the architectural duo aimed to generate a spatial memory that belongs to Gulangyu Island. They made the most of its site and unique facets, all the while responding to the brand’s ambition for a diverse and composite space. Thus, the architects created a simplified veranda to retain a large proportion of the original architectural structure while adding new modern elements.

Drawing influence from the small-leaf ficus commonly seen on the island, the team opted to integrate its form into the design. Hence, steel structures spreading over like tree trunks dominate the space and stretch out a broad canopy covering the ceiling. This structure plays with shadows and light and serves as a shelter from sun and rain in the humid, hot, and rainy subtropical region. It also forms an unseen space for ventilation and heat dissipation.

1/2 Coffee & Bar designed by Cun Panda Nana

Layers of leaves on the canopy form dim lights under the illumination of the sun rays projected on the ground. Light strips are embedded in the gaps between the ‘twigs and trees’ on the top to create a warm and playful space.

When dark, the ‘1/2 Coffee & Bar’ changes its character. The gentle daytime forest sparks under the modern neon light, appealing to nightlife lovers. 

1/2 Coffee & Bar designed by Cun Panda Nana

1/2 Coffee & Bar (Gulangyu Store)
Location: Xiamen, Fujian, China
Area: 250  sqm
Design Company: CUN PANDA NANA Team
Chief Designer: Cai Xuanna, Lin Jiacheng
Lighting Design: Vidlux&Crisman
Photos courtesy: Liu Xinghao, Yan Yu Architectural Space Photography, Yu Vision

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