Isabel de la Cruz Restaurant Bar designed by EFEEME Arquitectos

Progetto Bar Ristorante Isabel de la Cruz

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EFEEME arquitectos designed impressive restaurant bar in a busy corner of the downtown area of Villa María, a city in the interior of Córdoba, Argentina.

Isabel de la Cruz had to represent a transgressive, resilient and iconic woman/queen. The materialization incorporates elements and colors that can be easily associated with this premise.

Isabel de la Cruz Restaurant Bar designed by EFEEME Arquitectos

The fixed living-style furniture on the ground floor is built of tubes of expanded polyethylene foam that are coated with fabrics that have been designed by the owner. A material and morphological metamorphosis transforms the crown of the ground floor ceiling into an imposing chandelier with baroque influences constructed of crystal PVC hoses, aniline-dyed water, and LED lighting, connecting the two floors with energy and narrative coherence.

Rhomboidal frames are a storytelling device that progresses from the outside to the interior and are seen in a variety of scales and materials. Alternative materials, like translucent sinusoidal sheet or stapled polycarbonate sheet, were utilized because that invoke permeability and malleability. Architects decided to oppose them with smooth walls that have a hand-painted color gradient from the ceiling to the floor since they are compositions with great spatial density and allow for dialogue rather than competition with the space’s structural features.

Interior design Isabel de la Cruz Restaurant Bar

Isabela de la Cruz restaurant bar: a highly personalized project

Terrazzo was used to create the floor, table tops, steps, and bar counter, all with designs and colors created exclusively for this project within the same compositional scheme.

The restaurant/bar takes up the full space and is designed as a permeable container that interacts with the surrounding pedestrian area’s dynamics, allowing through a large glass window to see what is going inside. The curtain that encloses the façade serves as a sieve and parasol, defining and revealing the inner spaces of the upper floor, a space with more private features, while enriching and adding size to the corner of the pedestrian promenade.

Isabel de la Cruz Restaurant Bar designed by EFEEME Arquitectos

The unisex bathrooms are riddled with inconsistencies that constantly bring up the same political argument. “Where love reigns, laws are about“.

Location: Villa Maria, Cordoba, Argentina.
Area: 590 sqm
Architecture Studio: EFEEME arquitectos
Architects: Flavio Diaz, Marina Alves Carneiro
Photos courtesy:  Arch. Gonzalo Viramonte

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