Urban Jungle Concept Store

Urban Jungle Concept Store

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Urban Jungle launches a new streetwear & sneakers culture concept store in Naples, Italy, joining recent openings in Malta, Rabat (Morocco) and Lagos (Nigeria).

Located in the central Via Toledo – the renowned Neapolitan shopping street – the new Urban Jungle concept store, in a space of over 180 sqm, offers consumers an immersive experience in sneakers and streetwear culture.

The design idea was to combine industrial materials and elements with a reference to the world of entertainment, elements strongly recognisable to young consumers, hence the use of the Aluminium Truss system (a recyclable material), complemented by a strong digital connotation of linear LEDs and various screens in which the consumer is immersed in a complete, strongly digital communication, in which sensoriality becomes the protagonist.

The use of aluminium elements, contrasting with a palette of greys, with textures on the back walls, highlight the incredible assortment of sneakers and clothing of the best international brands that the brand has always offered.

The interior of the new Urban Jungle concept store is characterised by several ‘areas’ where accurate selections dedicated to the new collections, a mix of product and design, are displayed on tables.

At the checkouts you can find items with a strong cultural appeal, books, collectible vinyl toys, accessories and more to offer a total shopping experience.

A new and innovative format, strongly focused on the avant-garde, born from the collaboration between Brand & Creative Director Gianluca Salute, and the Italian studio Poiesis Design of architect Paolo Quagliarella; a duo that has been designing the Brand’s shops in Italy and abroad for over 15 years.

Urban Jungle was founded in Malta in 1993 and opened its first international shops in Italy in 2006. Today, with over 25 shops, it is an international reality in the Mediterranean area, with stores in Italy, Malta, Morocco and Algeria. It also recently opened its first shop in Lagos, Nigeria. The next challenge is Kenya. Sneakers & Culture has no borders.

The strong aesthetic connotation, consumer focus and sales experience place Urban Jungle without doubt as a new benchmark in the design universe.

Location Naples, Italy
Interior design Studio Poiesis, Arch. Paolo Quagliarella and Arch. Giuseppe Gargiulo
Brand & Creative Director Gianluca Salute
General Contractor GpShops
Photos courtesy Guglielmo Verrietti

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