“Fernando & Rafael” Architecture and Design

“Fernando & Rafael” Architecture and Design is the Joint Venture between architects Fernando Cesar Mosca (Milan) and Rafael Abbasov (Baku – Azerbaijan). A partnership founded on the historical friendship between Azerbaijan and Italy, as well as on the desire to successfully apply the professionalism and experience of two architects belonging to seemingly distant cultures, but with the common goal of enriching the Architecture world.

The new associated Fernando & Rafael Architecture and Design Company is formed by the Azerbaijani Architect Rafael Abbasov, former founder of the highly experienced and prestigious local and international design company “Era Design” based in Baku, and the Italian Architect Fernando Cesar Mosca, known for his stylistic trait in balance between an almost minimalist rigor of the sign and the combination of highly technological innovative materials and the most traditional ones; a formal balance in which the personal use of lighting gives the environments an exquisitely “spatial” configuration.

Fernando Cesar Mosca and Rafael Abbasov
Rafael Abbasov and Fernando Cesar Mosca

The first approach between the two architect’s dates back to 2019. A harmony that arose immediately, right from their first meetings in Milan. “I have always been fascinated by the richness of the Italian architectural heritage,” says Rafael Abbasov, “Italy is a country of which I am especially fond, which I have been lucky enough to visit many times, participating in international conferences related to architecture. Thanks to these opportunities I gained experience and a great knowledge of its Architects”.

The meeting between Fernando and Rafael is a combination of two cultures, Italian and Azera, a connection that creates the fusion of two Identities and design methods based on different characteristics that, however, have as a common goal the pursuit of excellence and passion for the profession, expressed in the attention to detail, research in materials, a meticulous work in the preparation of ideas, and collaborations with skilled craftsmen capable of materializing projects in the best possible way.

“Designing in two is like a four hands piano playing, it allows to express a greater amount of musical notes in the same amount of time”

Fernando and Rafael have always believed in a multidisciplinary approach to the profession, which allows them to face the projects in an integral way, opening up to other disciplines as an enhancer of their energies.

Fernando Mosca – Studio in Milan – comes from a professional background rooted in the intuitive and evolutionary imprint of retail design, a common thread that characterizes his entire career. Rafael Abbasov – Studio “Era Design” of Baku – comes from a design culture based on the knowledge and practice of classical canons, water down in a concept of contemporaneity and richness of both materials and spatial effects.

“I have been the first Azerbaijani architect to create an architectural company with an international scope and two headquarters, in Italy and Azerbaijan, “Fernando & Rafael” –  says Architect Rafael Abbasov. “Fernando and I are architects who love innovation, we created this company with the aim of successfully applying the rich experience of an architect trained in Italy in the projects we will carry out in Azerbaijan. We believe that this cooperation will be successful and will bring mutual benefit to our countries, helping them achieve great results.”.

Architect Fernando Mosca emphasizes that a successful cooperation is always based on friendly relations between peoples and historical and cultural ties. “It is a great honour to cooperate with such a talented architect as Rafael  Abbasov  and  to  sign with him projects that aim at innovation  and  enrichment of contexts,” explains Fernando Mosca, “It is good that in Azerbaijan so much importance is attached to the architecture field. We will constantly strive to work for excellence in all the projects we develop. Our new company strengthens our friendship, unites us closely in creative care and motivates us to do great things.”

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