The Harmonious Fusion of Fashion and Design: The J.Lindeberg Flagship Store in Copenhagen

The Thibaut Allgayer Design Office has recently completed the flagship store of J.Lindeberg, located at Ostergade 21, in the heart of Copenhagen. With a retail space of 150 square meters, this store perfectly reflects the innovative and functional spirit of the Swedish fashion brand. Through meticulous design work, the space has been shaped to meet the needs of the contemporary consumer, offering a welcoming and adaptable atmosphere for a variety of events.

At the core of the store’s concept is the harmonious fusion of fashion and sport, highlighted by bold contrasts in materials and design. For example, the walls embody a harmonious look through the visual juxtaposition of clay and steel against handcrafted stone furniture. Versatility is a key element of the design, with solutions such as a generously sized stone bench that can serve as a display platform or a backdrop for temporary installations.

The fitting rooms provide a warm environment with mirrored walls, lacquered Oregon pine panels, and adjustable lighting. Custom elements, such as seating and a luxurious green wool carpet, contribute to enhancing the overall atmosphere of the store. The design draws inspiration from the J.Lindeberg logo and the brand’s bridge emblem, integrating subtle details to create a visually captivating experience.

The store design extends to digital integration, adapting to J.Lindeberg’s diverse collections and trends. A graphic illuminated ceiling, capable of dynamically changing colors and intensity, complements a large mirrored wall that discreetly conceals digital screens, allowing the display of the latest collection. This fusion of physical and digital elements creates a unique and engaging shopping experience.

The J.Lindeberg flagship store in Copenhagen, designed by the Thibaut Allgayer Design Office, represents a harmonious union of fashion, design, and functionality. With meticulous attention to detail, the store offers not just a shopping space but a multisensory experience that reflects the elegance and innovation of the Swedish brand. The integration of digital elements, along with the adaptability of the space, makes this flagship store a landmark for the convergence of tradition and modernity in the world of fashion.

Location Copenaghen
Area 150 sqm
Design Thibaut Allgayer Design Office
Artwork by Buktron and Sigve Knuston
Photos courtesy J.Lindeberg

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