2024 VM and Display Show: A Fusion of Creativity, Sustainability, and Retail Innovation

2024 Visual Merchandising and Display Show,

The 2024 Visual Merchandising and Display Show, hosted on April 16-17 at the Business Design Centre in London, provided a comprehensive look at the future of engaging retail spaces through innovative design and display.

The exhibition showcased an incredible range of products and technologies designed to redefine the potential of physical retail spaces.  A stunning show floor, which many described as unlike anything the Business Design Centre has seen before, showcased the latest in mannequins, props, Christmas decorations, 3D designs, garment hangers, printed materials, textiles, lighting solutions, faux plants, graphics, signage, audio-visual equipment, large-scale printing, neon features, display cases, various surface finishes and so much more. Each product carefully designed to enhance the overall ambiance and mood within retail spaces.

Sustainable materials

The use of sustainable materials also played a central role, with exhibitors demonstrating how eco-friendly products such as innovative textiles, mannequins, faux plants, and green installations could integrate seamlessly with high-quality design to create welcoming and responsible retail environments.

Exhibitors also placed a strong emphasis on the importance of creating a memorable in-store experience and showcased the tools available to achieve this. From bespoke surfaces and finishes that cater to aesthetic and functional needs, to POP displays that effectively capture consumer attention and encourage sales, the show displayed a wealth of options for retailers looking to captivate and retain customers.

  • 2024 VM and Display Show: A Fusion of Creativity, Sustainability, and Retail Innovation


A key feature of the event was the comprehensive seminar and workshop schedule, within the newly introduced POPAI Zone. This zone hosted a series of educational and engaging sessions covering topics like shopper marketing essentials, sustainability in retail, and creating digital experiences in-store. These sessions provided valuable insights and strategies for attendees to implement in their businesses, emphasising the continued relevance and vitality of physical retail in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Additionally, a robust schedule of educational seminars and workshops offered attendees insights into current trends and future directions in retail design. Industry leaders from renowned brands like Shark, Primark and L’Oréal shared their expertise, discussing how to integrate sustainability and digital innovations effectively.

Visitors had the opportunity to engage with the BDS Stand to participate in voting for their favourite window display, built in the lead up to the show, showcasing the creativity and skill of students from BDS Centre of Excellence colleges. Industry professionals and enthusiasts alike celebrated the innovative work of these talented students. The winner of this keenly contested showcase was Hertford Regional College who were crowned on the second day of the show. The significant achievements of participants were a great showcase for the emerging talents in visual merchandising and display.

A Testament to Retail Creativity and Innovation

The 2024 VM and Display Show not only highlighted the latest in visual merchandising and innovative solutions but also set new standards for creating effective and engaging customer experiences. The diversity of displays—from the practical to the cutting-edge—provided a comprehensive overview of how retail spaces can evolve to meet the demands of modern consumers.

This event affirmed the ongoing relevance of well-designed physical retail spaces in creating memorable consumer experiences, offering a tactile depth that online platforms cannot replicate. For businesses committed to enhancing their physical presence, the show offered a treasure trove of ideas and solutions that promise transformative customer interactions and improved business outcomes.

Looking Ahead to 2025

The VM and Display Show is set to return to the Business Design Centre on the 9-10th April 2025, featuring new exhibitors and even more innovative features, continuing its tradition of inspiring the retail and visual merchandising industry.