FILA Fusion Beijing Store

Fila Fusion Concept Store,  Pechino

In the heart of the bustling streets of Beijing, FILA Fusion’s innovative concept store seamlessly weaves the rich tapestry of Italian culture into a contemporary street-style narrative. Rooted in the brand’s history, FILA’s journey from a small textile shop in Biella, Italy, to a global icon unfolds within the walls of this unique space.

Fila Fusion concept store

Q&A design strategy for this space revolves around the concept of translation, where iconic elements from Italy seamlessly find a place in the store’s fabric.

nuovo concept Fila Fusion

Statues gracefully morph into dynamic mannequins, while columns and fragments of Roman ruins serve as captivating displays for the latest products. Overhead, porticoes transform into a stunning ceiling feature, adding a touch of classical sophistication to the industrial landscape.

The designers  embarked on a threefold strategy to bring the essence of Italy to life.

First, they carefully selected key design elements from Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage and street life, integrating them into functional units that echo FILA’s legacy. Next, inspired by the concept of the roman domus house, the planning phase meticulously shaped functional areas and store flows, creating a dynamic and engaging retail environment.

Visitors embark on a curated journey, seamlessly transitioning through sections adorned with contemporary industrial materials interwoven with Italian touches like cobblestone floors and bugnato walls treatment.

It’s literally a fusion of the raw and the refined, reflecting Fila’s commitment to quality and innovation. Every corner of this space is an invitation to explore, where the entrance not only sets the tone but mirrors the grandeur and decadence of Italy’s past. As statues come to life and ruins find purpose, Fila Fusion emerges as a living canvas, seamlessly merging the legacy of Italian craftsmanship with the pulse of modern street art and style.

Customers step inside to experience the unique narrative where Fila Fusion becomes more than a brand; it’s an immersive journey through the intersection of heritage and contemporary flair.

Location: Beijing (China)
Area: 170 sqm
Design: Q&A Studio
Design team: Gianmaria Quarta, Michele Armando, Lorenzo Trucato, Carlin Sun, Xinyi You
Photos courtesy: Seth Powers

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