Ripani, Dubai Mall, Dubai

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The original Ripani store concept was adapted by the architects CSI in cooperation with the store owner to make the concept work aesthetically, functionally and operationally.

Ripani – high quality leather bags and accessories – made in Italy – are meticulously crafted by Italy’s skilled artisans using only the finest Italian raw materials.

Ripani Store Dubai Mall

Ripani is famous for its fashionable, elegant and exquisite collections which are valued by modern, stylish women. The family company was founded 45 years ago.

Thanks to its passion, the prestige of its brand and the originality of its creations, Ripani has conquered the international scene and its products are now distributed in over 40 countries. Ripani is present in hundreds of boutiques and department stores throughout Europe and beyond. The Ripani store in the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world, was refurbished and relaunched in January 2013.

The Ripani flagship store covers 100 square metres and is inspired by the beauty of Italy and its classical architecture.

The store’s atmosphere now echoes ancient Italian glories with its upward sinuous lines, glossy surfaces, symbols and lighting.


The store in the Dubai Mall now offers the perfect location for Ripani’s unique creations – exclusive bags and accessories A special version of the Visplay single point support system, Mono 25, was chosen for the strategically placed cream-coloured shelves. The effect is striking: the shelves and their merchandise appear to be “floating”.

The horizontal support system Invisible 6 is used for the separate ellipse-shaped mirrored area between the illuminated panels. Both systems create a perfect merchandise display and are completely invisible.

Project CSI Architects
Richline Décor LLC
Visplay Systems
Mono 25 speciale, Invisible 6
Photos courtesy
Max Schulz for Visplay