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ARCLUCE is a leading Company in the sector of architectural interior and exterior lighting manufacturing.

Drawing upon our long-standing experience, we design, develop and manufacture state-of-the-art appliances which provide innovative design solutions, advanced technology and pioneering trends. The resources currently allocated to research and development have allowed the company to grow and extend its product range, which can now meet the most demanding technical and architectural requirements and the expectations of lighting designers, architects and designers, thus promoting and supporting top-quality “Made in Italy” manufacturing.

The production, research and marketing activities require adequate facilities to fully express the company’s potential. The complete range of ARCLUCE products is manufactured and assembled by skilled workers with cutting-edge machinery in the manufacturing plant located in San Zenone al Lambro, in the Milan area. The comprehensive co-operation of our marketing, engineering, sales and administration departments ensures effective teamwork, which can offer prompt response to any market and customer requirements. The facilities also house a showroom and a state-of- the-art conference room where we organize business update meetings, conventions and workshops with customers and designers, in order to exchange views on various solutions, applications and appliances. These activities show ARCLUCE’s awareness of the importance of spreading culture, concepts and information with a view to a more rational and attentive use of architectural lighting design solutions.
lighting systems Arcluce
FOBO is an adjustable spot-light designed to be a professional optical instrument, able to enhance through the light the object and the area to be illuminated. Its innovative design is the result of an original synthesis between the curve of the cylinder and the sharp lines of the parallelepiped. Available in two different sizes (FOBO1 and FOBO2) in order to house a wide range of light sources, it can be wall or ceiling mounted and it can also be integrated in track-systems working at net tension. The range of available light sources includes: LED (4x1W 400 lm and 1x13W 1121lm) and dichroic lamps for what concerns FOBO1; LED (1x 32W 1300lm – CRI 95, 1x21W 1300lm and 1x36W 2000lm) and low voltage halogen lamps for FOBO2.
Arcluce illuminotecnica Tantum Quantum

The TANTUM – QUANTUM series consists of a range of downlighters characterized by extremely stylish design and a large number of different indoor lighting professional solutions. The two lines making up this series stand out for the shape of their frame, which is round (TANTUM) or square (QUANTUM); in both cases it is available with a 50mm, 60mm (adjustable), 80mm, 130mm and 210mm diameter and is in die-cast aluminium. There are many different types of light sources available, and as many high-performance optics. All appliances in the TANTUM – QUANTUM series come with various types of optics, accessories, and reflectors allowing to obtain the ideal light effect in all circumstances: dark-light or wall-washer reflector, cross-louver, IP44 transparent or satin glass, adjustable optic assembly. The range also allows to combine different appliances by means of a stylish die-cast aluminium profile, specifically designed to create compositions capable of meeting any and all aesthetic and decorative needs.

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