Ral System is a functional and effective line of pharmacy furniture.

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80% of decisions to buy a product are made in store.

Discover the methods for doubling the time a customer spends in the pharmacy and how to increase impulse purchases.

sartoretto verna pharmacy furniture

®Ral System 1 is a functional and effective line of pharmacy furniture.
The display units rise to the ceiling, blending seamlessly with the rest of the interior and its architectural forms. They come with free-standing back-lit dividers so that the products seem to hang suspended in mid-air, making them much more visible to the customer.

The LED back-lit display can be equipped with logos, graphics or visual marks cheap and easy to be applied. The displays can be even featured electrical or computer sockets, and screens summarising the pharmacy’s services.

sartoretto verna pharmacy furniture

The ®Ral System 2′s modular philosophy has grown out of the theory of visual merchandising. It succeeds in synthesising the positive aspects of both vertical and horizontal displays whilst overcoming their problems, such as dividers obscuring a complete view of products in the case of vertical displays, or the difficulties of distinguishing between the different product sectors in a horizontal display.

®Ral System 3 is a system which can be quickly and easily adapted as the products on display change. The aluminium uprights can be adjusted to the shelves, avoiding the use of racks; they can be LED lighted and completely replaceable with many accessories in order to update the products following the seasons, the promotional campaigns, the sector and the strategy.

This flexible system is compatible with cupboards, shelves, semi-circular shelves and tympanums, hook-on blister pack holders and so on.

®Ral System 4, high impactant furniture, enable to emphasize the product, creating the wow effect for customer, flexible on every pharmacy area. Design and technology have been combined together to create a real selling machine for the cosmetics and beauty sectors.

®Ral System 5 is the newest furnishing line for pharmacies but is the result of Sartoretto Verna’s 48 years technical and design experience in studying pharmacy systems. A beautiful combination between cutting edge technology with 4 patented utilities and a refined formal simplicity with 9 patented designs. It is a flexible and powerful display tool, for:

Sartoretto Verna arredi farmacie

-Five different LED visuals for strong commercial input
-Interchangeability of all lighting components by electroconduction
-Integrated sensors
with interacting capacities with the client (light and movement)
-Highest flexibility and rapid configuration
with widely available accessories
– Eco-friendly materials
(aluminium and glass) recyclable.

The ®Ral System Classic display units image is exclusive and simply, useful in the natural, homeopathic, dietetic specialty areas. They are made out of bicoloured wood with pilasters and gold frames, inspired to the Venetian Renaissance, have been treated with wax. The semi-circular marble topped counters have been designed to allow electrical cables to pass through safely. They come with either smooth fronts painted with a customize trompe l’oeil.


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