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Icas soluzioni di arredo per il retail

Since 1960, ICAS has been offering furnishing systems for the retail sector.

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Pharmacies, optics, para-pharmacies and perfume stores are the primary clients in Italy and abroad. Design, quality, and flexibility are the cornerstones of its products and eco-sustainability is at the heart of the Company’s values.

Icas furnishing systems for the retail sector

Quality have effects over time as well as the ability to grasp the stimuli and the changes of the market. The ability to listen to the requirements of the operators of the sectors from the final consumer to the retailer who manages every day the store, characterizes the design and the manufacture of Icas, with a great and real attention to sustainability: quality display systems are the suitable fit for different situations.

The display structures can be easily reused and changed until disassembled and disposed to be recycled.

Icas Company represents a true example of 100% Made in Italy

Icas furnishing systems for the retail sector
Axon LX 7.2

The Company exports worldwide thanks to its headquarter and plants located in Italy. The furnishing solutions suggested by Icas, thanks to their flexibility are exclusive pieces for interiors and shop windows. And well explained from the following interview to Mr Umberto Cabini, Managing Director of Icas and President of ADI Foundation.

Can you tell about the history of Icas and the goals of the Company?

Mr. Umberto Cabini, Managing Director of Icas
Dott. Umberto Cabini, Managing Director of ICAS

Icas was born in 1980, but it has its roots in the previous Company of my father, who produced office furnishing. We choose a precise niche: the pharmacies, where we quickly introduce with materials, innovation and knowledge. Since the eighties, ethic, sustainability, circular economy join our mission characterizing our products. As an example the use of aluminium, more expensive but quite recyclable. We achieved many awards from prestigious international associations such as The Golden Compass by ADI (Association for the Industrial Design) in 1989, for the Boomerang drawer cabinet system, whose telescopic extraction optimizes the pharmacist’s work. In 2018 we received the Design Management Award by the Cultural Association Plana. We are focused on quality: choice of eco-compatible materials, on creation of patented, flexible and fully ergonomic solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. These are the keys to our success closely to this dynamic and competitive market, in fact the 65% of our output is exported abroad granting us a wide vision on the retail changes.

What are the product innovations?

In April 2019 we launched and patented the Axon LX Line, with two systems: 6.0 and 7.2. Axon LX 7.2 is a complete, extremely light, all produced in aluminium with a “cross” structure on rails allowing several different positions for shelves. The minimal and linear design characterizing our solutions meet every concept for the pharmacy sector, addressed to light and clear areas, with neutral tones, while enhancing the communication or the graphic design of a wall. Also Axon LX 6.0 has an essential design suitable to enhance various areas with simplicity and elegance. This modular system allows the use of different accessories and the possibility to fix the structure at wall or at ceiling.

What are the strength of your furnishing systems?

Our products are characterized by easy assembling and custom made solutions enable to create different display solutions and finishings (glass, wood, metal, plexiglass), identifying various uses inside the sales point. Our furnishing systems respond to the evolution of the reference markets and to the requirements of the customers.
A wide range of accessories enriches the furnishing system: brand displays, blister holders, dividers for pharmacies, but also cuvettes for eyewear and other models of shelves and supports. This allows us to offer a complete, consistent and integrable system suitable for every premise aiding the designers and the companies we work with.
The modules can be used  in the GDO or in the specific use for independent store and meet every market’s need.

Icas furnishing systems for the retail sector
ICAS Headquarter
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