METAL LUX Lighting system.

METAL LUX Lighting system.

📅05 Giugno 2014, 14:01

Metal Lux has been manufacturing and selling decorative lighting fittings for over 40 years.

Immerged in the beauty of the Venetian countryside, our articles are born in a deeprooted lighting tradition, which utilizes only Italian feedstocks and has the pride of being, from production to distribution, 100% Made in Italy.


Together with an innate and nostalgic passion for traditional and classic lighting fittings, Metal Lux has evolved into a truly innovative brand.

The idea of lighting both as a vital need as well as a form of art, has enabled the rise of new, captivating series of exquisite produts, characterised by contemporary designs combined with long-lasting high quality materials.

Metal Lux Lighting

Metal Lux was founded in 1970 as a manufacturer of metal components for the lighting industry, and by 1976, it had already started creating its own finished products and compiled its first full catalogue.

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