New wine store concept for the whorship of wine!

Wine Store Design

WINE STORE DESIGN is an Italian Company, north-east Italy based, in Veneto Region.

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Specialised in design and production of lamps, furnishing systems and modular lighting systems exclusively for wine shops, informal restaurants, pubs, lounge bars, wine shops, modern hostelries and innovative wineries.

Qualified manufacturing focused on design as the innovating lighting systems with industrial lamps, wall units for bottles and light chalices for back-counter, displaying walls for selected wines, wooden tables for presentation or wine tasting, contemporary valuable velvet sofas.


Is the patented lighting system, made of a clamp for the LED light chalice, in which the light source concentrated on the stem allows to create various light glass chandeliers.

Wine Store Design


Is the metal modular displaying system suitable for an imposing display effect of the wine bottles.

Wine Store Design


Includes suspended lighted sound-absorbent panels.

Wine Store Design

The Company founds its origin on knowledge, passion and incessant research on new materials with handmade processing: LED technology, dry woods, marbles, resins, polyethylene foam products, metals with cutting-edge finishings, granting high quality products exclusively Made in Italy.

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