CYCLOPS chandelier keeps a watchful eye on the watch store in Dubai.

CYCLOPS chandelier keeps a watchful eye on the watch store in Dubai.

📅18 Gennaio 2019, 12:15

Among many luxury pieces in one of the most famous watch store in Dubai Mall shines one Czech gem, the Cyclops chandelier made by LASVIT.

Inspired by the cyclops, a tiny piece of sapphire crystal affixed just over the date window, designer Maria Čulenová, created magnificent chandelier with a modern twist.

cyclops chandelier made by lasvit

The inspiration for this installation was the most basic element of a wristwatch, a lens, that is actually a window to time. The resulting installation is about snapping and freezing time, and using that momentum to experience the moment to its fullest”, says Čulenová.  The myriad clear, gold and green components rain from the ceiling through two floors of the shop, right above the front desk nestled in the very heart of the store.

The refraction of light from the lenses of the different designs and surface finishes based on the green color creates a voluminous structure which changes according to the perspective from which the visitor looks at it”, adds Čulenová, who has herself discovered the best place to stand to get the most out of her design piece: “Stand right under the chandelier”, she advises. “Right there, you will have the most spectacular view and the story of the Cyclops will unfold before you.”

cyclops chandelier made by lasvit


LASVIT, is a creative hub of glassmaking talents, fresh ideas and daring designs. This young, progressive Czech glassmaking and design company inspires the world with its breathtaking custom-made installations exhibited all over the world, as well as with their unique lighting and glassware collections made from hand-blown glass.

The founder of LASVIT, Leon Jakimič, steers the company with the utmost respect for the Czech glassmaking tradition, but also with a boundless optimism for modern technologies and cutting-edge design. In past years, LASVIT has attracted many renowned designers and artists who wanted to collaborate with an unconventional Czech company.

In cooperation with LASVIT, many stars, such as the Campana Brothers, Kengo Kuma, Yabu Pushelberg, Nendo or Ross Lovegrove, have created some of their most unforgettable glass collections. Ever since 2007, LASVIT has been on a mission: to bring beauty, happiness, and a piece of the Bohemian soul to clients worldwide, and thus change the world for the better.
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