OVS, Store design in the name of evolution.

Pasolini Luigi spa, partner of the Italian leading fashion retailer for the stores restyling. Creating immediate empathy with the customer and allow the shopper a fluid use of space, these are the distinctive elements of the retail design of OVS in all its evolutions. Pasolini Luigi Spa, general contractor for the retail industry is the official supplier of the brand leader in the apparel industry retailer throughout the country and beyond.


Able to serve its customers in the selection of innovative concepts and in the development of retail design that offer shopping experience in line with contemporary trends, the general contractor joins OVS in the evolution of style and in the creation of atmospheres that represent the brand values.

“The philosophy that inspires the OVS style is to consider the store image not as a status attained, but as a process in evolution and in search for the most suitable solution to represent a growing retail brand. ” says Mirco Bui, store design manager at Gruppo Coin.


For OVS is important to work with a reliable partner skilled to create environments representative of the products and of the company personality, combining at the same time functionality with the ability to engage the customers: Pasolini, as general contractor, is able to make restylings both redesigning the visual communication and the space layout.

Pasolini was immediately able to undestand and to shape the new generation retail design by OVS, a style which combine the flexibility of the stands to the optimization of resources. The modular display system allows to quickly change the configuration of the store layout to to meet the needs of product display.

A store design project involves several elements from layout to furniture, from the study of materials and colors to lighting design, including the definition of the graphics and visual communication.  Each of them must reflect the values of the brand in style, language and in building a dialogue with the customer.” says Mirco Bui.


From its futuristic flagship to the small corners, the OVS style is unique in its ability to excite the shoppers and suggest them new life styles: the retailer will continue to amaze his own community of consumers with new concepts.

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