ICONE furnishing lamps.

ICONE furnishing lamps are art and design pieces that grace the interiors of the most beautiful homes in Italy and in the world.

Marco Pagnoncelli, the Icone product designer, together with his brothers Cristiano, Davide and Massimo established a goal for themselves with the birth of the ICONE lamps: create high-quality products, whose design and materials contribute to embellishing the environments in which they take shape, for an even more unique setting.

Thanks to the creativity these lamps express, over the years ICONE has become synonymous with lighting design, making them the preferred fixtures that enhance the scenery of many famous hotels, critically acclaimed restaurants and cultural venues such as museums and theatres.

Three brand new collections, three diverse interpretation of light: REVERSE, GiùUP and ARBOR. In the occasion of Euroluce 2015, ICONE Luce presents its new products, fruit of the inspiration and the creativity of the designer Marco Pagnoncelli, with a logical coherence in style and a great experience in the lighting industry, assets that have always differentiated the company from competitors.

Once again, Marco Pagnoncelli created lighting pieces that are not only light sources: instead, each creation produces and masters light, with sapient orientations leading to unique effects, able to highlight the surroundings.
Icone is a Minitallux trademark.

A product characterized by the refined appearance of geometrical elements, with subtle metallic foils pulled alongside and interlaced, creating plane surfaces that nearly join each other but never intersect. From these parallelisms emerge light, and the lighting piece turns into a jewelry box of which burst out the light. Lines and plane surfaces, lights and shadows, all are the characteristics of this collection.

The proposed colors, besides black and white, are all metallic shades: gold, silver and rust. Even this fact is a choice made on purpose, to emphasis the ability of the product to give off the light, using reflections to increase perceptions. The structure is made of varnished aluminum, and the lighting system uses 230V LED technology which does not require a transformer.

ICONE furnishing lamps

Simplicity and rigor have never been synonym of banality but instead they mark a real attention to formal and structural design.  The collection is based on linear and geometric elements stripped down as much as possible, without compromises. Light’s reflection is global, without interferences, and burst out from pieces created expressly to fit into their setting but also to disappear when light is switched on.

The collection is composed of a floor lamp and a wall light. Floor lamp: stand and post made of liquid-coated metal; milled and varnished aluminum lampshade; junction and base hook in glazed aluminum. We can mention the base of the wall light, and its 80 cm long cable: it permits to position the lampshade according to your needs, creating different final visual effects and matching the technical expectations for positioning. The lighting system uses 230V LED technology which does not require transformer.


A tribute to nature without any space for unnecessary elements. Arbor arises from a bundle of linear elements gathered to form a bouquet of stems for light flowers. Again, very simple lines and circles from which radiates light, creating a lighting and aesthetic concept strongly characterizing, able to act a as a design piece as well as lighting element.

The product is available in both hanging version and ceiling light, with 12, 20 or 30 lights. Lighting parts are made of aluminum, while beams are made of chromed cold-drawn iron. The lighting system uses 230V LED technology which does not require transformer.

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