HUBLOT boutique, Zermatt

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A Big Bang Zermatt leading the way – A stylish base camp at an altitude of 1,608 metres.

Claiming a place as your own means respecting its history, what makes it special, its signature and its identity. With its Chalet Boutique, Hublot makes a notable climb to the foot of the Matterhorn”
Ricardo Guadalupe

HUBLOT store Zermatt

At an altitude of 1,608 m, at 27 Bahnhofstrasse, the new Hublot store proudly bears the marksof SUISSITUDE. A real “Schatzchischta” (treasure trove) amongst the highest peaks in Switzerland.

HUBLOT store Zermatt

Matterhorn shining at the heart of Big Bang. As Zermatt honours its legendary mountain—celebrations are under way for the 150th anniversary of the first ascension of the Matterhorn—Hublot is inaugurating its 80th store in the world.

In a unique location that has seen the design of Hublot’s stores transposed in a style that blends tradition and modernity. The name Zermatt means “in the mountain pastures” (zur Matte); so Hublot wanted to respect the tradition of the area and its history by creating an original and emblematic Chalet-Boutique.

HUBLOT store Zermatt

On the outside, we see a contemporary interpretation of the traditional architecture. On the inside, the counters and the displays are dressed in wood and glass.

Under a framework of exposed beams, the old wooden walls reveal the narrow openings that are so characteristic of the barns. The lights inserted into them give the space a warm “homely” feel. On the walls, the displays surrounded by metal frames illustrate a typically Swiss art, reinterpreting the technique of paper cutting.

The resulting patterns illustrating transhumance also find their way onto the external window displays and balconies. Hublot felt it was important to highlight local tradition and to blend it into its identity.

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