SKY LOUNGE INDIGO HOTEL – Urban garden at Madrid center.

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The main attraction of the challenge posed by the Hotel Indigo, was to create a nature reserve in the heart of Madrid.


Being a city hotel so the goal was to give a touch of color to the Sky Lounge of the hotel, culminating in a mini water and botanical universe. With impressive views of the sunset in Madrid, no doubt this was the best framework to create a lively and fun atmosphere where disconnection of the city were full.


Through the creation of a utopian vision focuses pop and soul, where the real protagonist is a particular vinylated vertical garden design is created. Downstairs is the bar and cocktail lounge is a continuation of fresh and landscaped terrace space but with a touch more cozy and intimate.Comfortable and always open to the skyline of Madrid through its fantastic infinitypool place. It is clearly recognizable marine inspiration which continues through the predominant colors, blue and green. It is essential to comment on the chosen materials and textures: wood, velvet, glass, metal and vinyl, which provide much sophistication to the place and make the furniture in jewel pieces.

The disposition of refined decoration works in creating a distinctive and intimate environment. As a nod to the hotel’s location in the city, on the roof of the restaurant is a scale map of Madrid’s Gran Vía built in mirror and with references to the main streets of the neighborhood.


This is particularly wink at Hotel Indigo study that always keeps a special relationship with the neighborhood where the hotel is located.

Project Teresa Sapey Estudio de Arquitectura
Photos courtesy German Saiz

is a multidisciplinary architectural and design team based in Madrid since 1990. The curiosity to design energic spaces for different sectors is the main motivation for the studio, who also is involved in ephemeral installations, graphic and product design. Projects, that are born from a bunch of emotions and feelings, have the objective to provoke any kind of reaction/sensation on the users through their emotional design.

Sapey team is expert in the development of a delicate sensitivity in projects that emerge from the built spaces. Humor, color and harmony sprout from the interaction with people, being this the first finality of it. Freedom of thought and expression are intermixed with creativity, functionality, art and design, which all together make as a result a spaces “tailor made”.

Throughout its entire career, TERESA SAPEY STUDIO has been characterized by always accept creative challenges by any type. The re-design of the called “non-spaces” are their speciality; places of urban transit such as car parks, bridges, footbridges or piazzas. In fact, Jean Nouvel, himself, renamed Teresa as “Madame Parking” by her artistic input on the Puerta de América Hotel in Madrid.

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