Map of Services to succeed in Retail using the new technologies.

IdeaPM tecnologie retail

Your success is made up of the qualities of the products that you offer and how the customer perceives them.

Making the surrounding environment harmonious and technologically modern, allows You to address the Customers choices increasing the interest in your Company. More interest is more profit.

IdeaPM group has created a Map tailored for the Retail world, programming Your route to stand out from the competition.

IdeaPM tecnologie per il retail

Always connected: telephone and internet, primary for the POS and to read the emails from the Customers. Involvement: Wi-Fi hot-spot with management system to increase the interest both inside and far away from the selling point through marketing campaigns focused on Customers fidelization.
Information: digital visual communication systems inside and outside the selling point to speed up the choice of your shop among the competitors.

IdeaPM tecnologie per il retail

Security: video surveillance and anti-intrusion to protect your values and to provide security to your Customers.

A window on the world: be recognized on the Web through a personalized site to increase Customers loyalty.

Entertainment: thematic background music with professional audio systems to accompany Customers during their permanence.

Service quality: queue management system to optimize the customers flow at the cash desks and to take advantage of the waiting time to show promotional contents.
Catch the interest: maximize the advertisements effect using contents that change in real time according to the target that is looking at the announcement.

IdeaPM tecnologie per il retail

Hospitality: air drying system in the toilet to offer quality and hygiene to your Customers, in addition to the economic saving compared to the older systems.

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