MUJI Portland

MUJI Portland

📅27 Febbraio 2019, 10:47

MUJI, the Japanese lifestyle brand, known for their minimalism and extensive stationery selection, has opened its first location in the Pacific Northwest in Portland, as the brand’s second largest store to date in the US.

store design Muji Portland

With all the world famous brands standing side by side in the area, the renowned Tokyo based practice Super Potato proposed introducing distinguished “MUJI-ism” to design a store where customers could actually “experience” MUJI concepts: quality, simplicity and minimalism.

store design Muji Portland

Materials used are a large amount of antique timber which had once used for local wooden buildings, configured the pieces as if they were art installations and arranged them in places so MUJI products would look as if they were part of the art installations.

The design firm also created a custom floor plan featuring diagonal merchandising, as opposed to traditional aisles of vertical shelves, which allows customers to easily view the full contents of the store.

Among other things the store offers a coffee bar with different roaster taking up residence on a rotating basis. There is also a mobile service, which means that Muji products can be delivered to shoppers by bike, all very green and in keeping with this city’s eco-conscious image.

store design Muji Portland

In addition, with the object Communication with local people starts from building a store together, the purpose is to cooperate in collecting used tools and installing them on the walls as an art wall.

There is a space for customers to find local information as well as information about MUJI products and Open Space for events is also available. Those are scattered in the area to create a local atmosphere such as a market.

In this place people can discover something and experience joy and pleasure through information exchange and experience in MUJI-style, not just using the place as a retail shop.

Design Super Potato Co., Ltd
Designer Shinya Maeda
Location Portland, Oregon –
Area 1020 sqm
Photos courtesy David Papazian

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