DE-TOX Café Trikala, Greece

DE-TOX Café Trikala, Greece

📅24 Giugno 2019, 13:46

De-Tox is a distinguished Greek coffee chain store with several spots along Greece.

Lab4 architects designed De-Tox Café

Lab4 architects  designed a brand new 98 sqm store in Trikala, following the basic brand forms, bringing however an evolution to the whole design identity.

A street coffee store is a place of meeting, making a short break from the daily routine and enjoying some coffee or brunch. This “urban oasis” demands everything to function in time, making “speed” an element of high importance.

Lab4 architects designed De-Tox Café

Focusing on the main brand motto (the angle café), the architects got inspiration from the primitive shape of the “angle”, creating a series of constructions, patterns and formations. The angle was proven to be the most representing shape of “speed”.

A laser cut metal hanging construction prevails in the seating area through its dynamic form, giving a sense of motion in the space. Triangle steel flower pots, over the bar, intensify this dynamic sense.

On the other hand, oak veneered MDF panels in combination with stone and cement plaster textures create a sense of calmnessand coziness while a vertical garden wall completes the overall hospitable space result.

Lab4 architects designed De-Tox Café

De-Tox Café Trikala 
Designers Lab4 architects
Location Trikala, Greece
Photos courtesy Kostas Kroustallis

Lab4 architects

Lab4 architects (laboratory for architects) is a team of architects, engineers and associates, established in 2013, based in Athens, Larissa, Milan, targeting the field of architecture and design. The team members are architects Georgios Gougoulakis, Harris Souliotis and civil engineers Thanos Galanis and Dimitris Souliotis as well as graphic designer/illustrator Bill Pappas. Based on the members’ professional expertise and emphasizing in design and construction quality, Lab4 architects intent to offer an excellent result considering with functionality and high architectural aesthetics.

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