DARRY RING Jewellery Flagship Beijing.

DARRY RING Jewellery Flagship Beijing.

📅30 Settembre 2019, 10:57

ST Design appeals to the beauty and auspices of serendipity in its latest project for Darry Ring, a leading fine jewellery brand specialized in engagement rings.

Situated on the renowned Wangfujing Street in Beijing, the Darry Ring store measures 250 sqm and is overhauled with a round shaped motif that echoes the brand’s tagline “The One & Only”.

ST Design project for Darry Ring

Darry Ring runs more than 280 stores in Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and many other cities in China. Darry Ring stands out in the industry by introducing a strict rule that each gentleman can only purchase one engagement ring from the shop in his lifetime, signifying the commitment and uniqueness of the relationship.

Its brand slogan “The One & Only” is communicated through the prominent slogan at the entrance façade and other company channels.“The overall interior design was inspired by everything related to romance yet applied in a symbolic manner. A circle symbolizes many things that we hope to bring out. It is a symbol of two lives uniting as one (reunion). It represents the vow (ring) and the harmony and fulfilment that matrimony brings (roundness). It is an emblem of infinity and endless love. The O shape is also a reference to the key letter of its brand tagline, The One & Only,” Creative Director Stefano Tordiglione explained.

ST Design project for Darry Ring

The store is illuminated by soft, ring-shaped lights hanging from the ceiling casting faint circular shadows on the white stone floor. Customers can choose the ring they dream for from the semi-circular glass showcases, or from the elliptical wall showcases exhibiting the refined jewellry sets in the VIP area. This VIP seating area with organic plan is surrounded by translucent glass panels decorated with silhouettes of loving couples.

In addition to the symbolic meaning, the ring-themed design intends to offer a contemporary aesthetics approach whilst infusing a softer tone to offer an alternative to the common rectangular-shaped fixtures.

ST Design project for Darry Ring

Playing on the store’s brand name, the letters “DR” is also the main inspiration for some of the design of the fixtures. Besides the “DR” monogram on the shopfront façade, the designers have also custom-developed showcase tables and stools with legs in the shape of ‘D’ to enhance the brand identity. Simple and elegant, the shop has used a minimal colour palette complementing the pearl-white colour in order to show the saintity of matrimony.

There is a photo wall sharing memborable moments of its many customers who happily entered into the new stage of their lives. “We want to make the shop a blissful, romantic avenue. It is a place to experience, witness and celebrate true love”, said Stefano Tordiglione.

Project Darry Ring Jewellery Flagship
Interior Design Studio Stefano Tordiglione Design Ltd
Client Darry Ring
Chief Designer Stefano Tordiglione           
Location Wangfujing, Beijing, China
Area 250 sqm
Photos courtesy Nicola Longobardi

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