PARISBROOKLYN designed the With Marlow Optician  in Paris.

PARISBROOKLYN designed the With Marlow Optician in Paris.

📅23 Settembre 2019, 15:55

This little optic boutique is located in the heart of the 4th district of Paris, just behind the centre Georges Pompidou.

optic boutique design

Its design is a cheeky wink to this ancient marshy area focusing on enhancement of the Marais artistic Heritage.

The design includes tiles and mosaic and tiled baseboard counter and the minimal furnishing system with customized display cabinet anchored to the stone wall, which is included in the additional inventory of historical monuments.

optic boutique design

With Marlow Eyewear
Location Paris
Designer ParisBrooklyn
Photos courtesy Bartosch Salmanski


ParisBrooklyn is a *Global Design Studio specialized in hospitality. Requirement is a great part of work because a significant project is a unique place that differentiates itself by attention to detail. Thinking beyond aesthetics and ergonomics to propose singular places that arouse emotion. Space users are at the heart of the studio’s approach, attentive to the daily life habits, lifestyles and functioning systems.

*Global Design is a cross-cutting creative approach that focuses on the design of a project as a whole, from space, furniture, product, packaging, brand identity to communication media.

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