Haight Store Rio de Janeiro

Concept minimalista per boutique Haight

Continuing the connections with nature that drive the brand, the flagship inside the Shopping Leblon in Rio de Janeiro, developed by AIA Studio and Art Director and partner Raphael Tepedino, combines the minimalist good taste of the brand with natural sculptures through different levels and shapes.

An immersion between rocky cavities and natural landscapes present in the country.

The “terracor” material, which covers the walls and ceiling, unites the environment through its rough texture that refers to natural surfaces.

Concept minimalista per boutique Haight

The infinite and different erosion processes that form cliffs, caves, stalactites, sands, stones and the movements of the water with its traces and shapes, have guided the creative process of the concept developed for this store. This concept has also been proposed from lighting, using indirect light as a fundamental element to create this atmosphere.

In the center of the store, the main column alludes to limestone rocks and, spreading out into space, creates a spatial design. Around it, reinforcing the feeling of closeness to nature, three slabs of rough stone, of different heights, act as an exhibition space and define the path inside the store.

Exhibition racks in brushed brass, with their more solar aspect, contribute to subtly warm the environment, together with the soapstone and its grayer tone.

Concept minimalista per boutique Haight

We seeked to create a welcoming, innovative and comfortable consumer experience, like the brand’s products. Stimulating a type of spatial experience that makes you think about it, whose reading is not obvious, it is not given and therefore arouses interest”, says Alice Tepedino, architect in charge of the project.

Client Haight Clothing
Location Shopping Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
AIA Studio + Raphael Tepedino
Lead Architect Alice Tepedino
Design Team Michel Zalis, Matheus Amorim, Marcela Rezende
Engineering Santa Irreverência
Area 110 sqm
Photos courtesy Maira Acayaba

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