EFEEME Arquitectos designs bakery façade with smooth iron and wooden props

San Cayetano is a traditional bakery located in a busy central street in the city of Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina. This family business, now in the hands of its second generation, sought to generate a new brand image to associate it with a broader sector within the industry.

EFEEME Arquitectos took on the rebranding of ‘San Cayetano,’ seeking a disassociation from the typical bakery-style to create a space that transmits  closeness and quality.

EFEEME Arquitectos signs the rebranding of San Cayetano bakery

“We were inspired by the morphological structures of cereal storage silos, an element that we could associate with the origin of the main input of the item to create our own aesthetics and with a strong identity.” share the architects.

In the construction of the ceiling, circles of translucent Piedrafina were used a flexible natural stone coating where each stone sheet is different and unique, performing a double function: coating and lighting distributed regularly in a 40x40cm metal grid linked by means of of wooden props of different lengths, seeking to generate a spatial perception of movement and dynamism through the multiplication of horizontal and vertical lines.

EFEEME Arquitectos signs the rebranding of San Cayetano bakery

For the functional distribution, a unique piece of furniture arranged in a corner was built that combines a counter, a box and a display of fresh products, built with lacquered MDF.

In the exterior intervention, an attached façade made with smooth iron and wooden props was designed, seeking to transfer the wire aesthetics of the interior, intensifying the action and dematerializing the limits using light as an aesthetic resource, which offers innovative virtual morphological games of overlapping elements as the hours of the day pass.

EFEEME Arquitectos signs the rebranding of San Cayetano bakery

San Cayetano, reflects and summarizes trade, product and architecture combining a traditional environment with a contemporary minimalist aesthetic.

Location Villa Maria, Cordoba, Argentina
Architecture Office EFEEME architects
Lead architects Flavio Diaz, Marina Alves Carneiro
Area 45 sqm
Photos courtesy Arch . Gonzalo Viramonte