EuroShop RetailDesign Award 2023: Jury of experts honours the best store concepts

EuroShop RetailDesign Award 2023

Each year since 2008, EHI and Messe Düssedorf have presented the EuroShop RetailDesign Award (ERDA) to stores with the world’s best design concepts. This year, the jury selected winners in five categories: Food, Fashion & Lifestyle, Hospitality, Digital and Sustainability.

A total of 103 applications were submitted from 31 countries. The winning stores stood out for pioneering sustainability solutions, exciting designs and innovative retail projects. They were located in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and Portugal: Coolblue in Düsseldorf, Adidas Terrex flagship store in Munich, Interspar am Schottentor in Vienna, Tessuti Liverpool One in Liverpool and Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Food: Interspar am Schottentor, Vienna. Retail design: KBIA KulmusBügelmayer

Interspar am Schottentor
Interspar am Schottentor – @Zumtobel

In the spring of 2021, after more than three years of planning and renovation, Interspar opened a new market in “Haus am Schottentor”, the former head office of the Viennese Bank Union. The heritage-protected building has long been seen as a prime example of European bank architecture. The historical fabric of the building was preserved, with modifications only where necessary for the new use. The store, which covers some 1,700 sqm, offers snacks and warm meals to attract city dwellers, students and employees from offices in the area. The menu features panini along with regional meat and fish specialties. A new element is theMezzanin restaurant, the first in this supermarket chain to offer à-la-carte meals.

Fashion & Lifestyle: Tessuti Liverpool One, Liverpool. Retail design: Counterfeit Studio

Tessuti Liverpool One,
EuroShop RetailDesign Award 2023
Tessuti Liverpool One – @FrenchTye

Fashion retailer Tessuti, founded in 1985, is popular among customers who seek designer collections. The new flagship store opened in August 2022 and occupies more than 2,000 sqm on three floors. The design combines classic Liverpool engineering themes with classic Italian touches and modern digital elements, such as a large screen in the middle of the store. Terrazzo, brass and marble, alluding to the company’s Italian roots, can be found on all floors. Neon-coloured lights and orange fabrics, complemented by brushed stainless steel and red tiling, emphasise the store’s contemporary character.

Hospitality: Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau, Vila Nova de Gaia. Retail design: Grupo O Valor do Tempo

Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau 
EuroShop RetailDesign Award
Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau – @CPPB Gaia

This historic warehouse in Vila Nova de Gaia, renovated in the spring of 2021, is reminiscent of Portugal’s past in cheese and wine production. The store concept provides an attractive setting for dining and cultural events. Hourly live organ recitals by different musicians enhance the shopping experience. The store design is dominated by red, alluding to the Portuguese flag, and gold,reflecting Portugal’s glorious history. A 320-kg chandelier on the ceiling adds to the splendid atmosphere.

Digital: Coolblue, Düsseldorf. Retail design: Desarc

EuroShop RetailDesign Award
Coolblue Store Düsseldorf
Coolblue Store Düsseldorf – @Coolblue

The first shop of online electronics retailer Coolblue opened in late 2021 in Düsseldorf. The Dutch retail chain intends to pursue its omnichannel strategy in Germany, interlinking its digital and bricks-and-mortar business. Visitors to the store can test products, compare them with other articles in the online shop and place orders. For this purpose the Coolblue app provides detailed product information and advice, including augmented reality functions which, for example, allow customers to try out different positions for TV screens in their flats in order to find the optimum size. The store’s digital offerings also include click & reserve, click & collect and mobile payment.

Sustainability: Adidas Terrex flagship store, Munich. Retail design: Adidas Design Team and Checkland&Kindleysides with Stadler Interior Services

adidas Terrex Store
adidas Terrex Store – @adidas

Sports enthusiasts have been able to shop in the flagship store of Adidas Terrex since November 2021. Operated by the outdoor division of Adidas in Europe, it offers 378 sqm of retail space and puts an emphasis on sustainability and regionality. The interior furnishings are made of natural, resource-conserving and recyclable materials. On-site services and digital in-store tools enhance the customer experience. Adidas additionally wants to strengthen the participation of its outdoor community and promote regular sharing of information. In this way it hopes to attract more people to outdoor sport and put them in touch with each other.