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A Caserta apre la prima Faber Boutique

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In Caserta, the first Faber Boutique opens. Coffee machines, with a strong impact. Three rooms for an experience in three phases, all to be discovered.

It’s a mesh-up of styles and references. There are the strips of the famous Abbey Road of the Beatles. On one side is De Chirico. On the other Ricardo Bofil or a more “intuitive” Squid Game. Arches and stairs become the pretext to display precious coffee machines that complete the design of the boutique. A walk through an enfilade of a historic building in the center of Caserta becomes a shopping experience. Where is possible, view, try and customize.

Carmine Abate Architect designed the first Faber Boutique

The first Faber store was born in Caserta, on the renowned shopping street, Via Mazzini. It is no coincidence that the choice of the room is not a coincidence, because we are very close to the factory where the machines are designed and manufactured.

The need to create a boutique, which will be the first of a series of openings located mainly in Europe, stems from the desire to show the product up close to customize it in every detail. In fact, the choice of this type of room immediately appeared perfect to allocate a specific function to each environment.

It is an enfilade of three rooms. The first is dedicated to product demonstration. The most important high-end models are displayed on columns covered with black diamond tiles by Seletti 4 Ceramica Bardelli.

Almost sacral objects, on a black velvet wing, inside arches with a metaphysical.n A De Chirico on the one hand who opposes Riccardo Bofil on the other. Or SquidGame. In fact, the staircase, covered in red diamond ceramic, creates an ironic game of interweaving of ups and downs, on which the machines of Faber’s second line rest, in dozens of different colors.

The floor of the Seletti 4 Caramica Bardelli creates a three-dimensional effect, with a “zebra crossing on Abbey Road” effect. The walk to the tune of the Beatles leads to the second room. The mirror room. Where wall and ceiling diamonds create a sophisticated play of reflections.

A mise en abyme effect, in which the ledwall shows the various production and customization processes and a work bench allows users to use the product. Mojow’s inflatable sofa allows for a comfortable tasting.

Through the portals illuminated by the FlowerPot wall lamps by &tradition we move on to the third room, that of customization. Here, in fact, you can choose and customize the machine in all parts.

Juxtaposition and combination are a constant of the architect Carmine Abate. Never this or that. Always this and that. Never matched, but always coordinated. In addition to black and white, many colors, all perfectly harmonized: the dark green of the suspensions, the red of the tiles, the beige of the walls and the copper of the floor joints.

A lot of variety also in the materials. Natural woods, such as black stained oak, or laminates or metals such as counter covering. And then the plastic of the sofa, the mirrors of the tiles.

The window outside is an extension of the store. The black arches and red stairs become on Via Mazzini, a clear and decisive manifesto. Hard to go unnoticed.

That taste, which prefers contamination and makes the combination a priority. A rhetoric so dear to the architect. Then the sixties suspensions and the inflatable sofa, fresh and ironic.

The first Faber Store

Client Faber Italia
Location Caserta – Italy
Area 80 sqm
Designer Carmine Abate Architect
Proiect Manager Vincenzo Genovese
Design Team Mario del Prete, Anna Del Piano
Photos courtesy Carlo Oriente

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