“Elements – four elements + 1″ Collection

Collezione “Elements – quattro elementi+1” Fuoco

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The new collection “Elements – four elements + 1″, by the emerging brand Dieciottantanove, wants to celebrate Nature through graphics that recall the 4 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air to which a fifth one is added, Green, the neverending icon of the Natural World in its entirety

Dieciottantanove, an emerging brand in the interior decoration panorama, presented, for the first time at the Milan Design Week 2023, the new collection “Elements – four elements + 1” created by Paola Edvige Fiori: a real stylistic breakthrough, a 360-degree celebration of Nature.

An immersive journey through graphics that recall the 4 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air to which a fifth one is added, Green: the neverending icon of the Natural World in its entirety, metaphor of life and continuous evolution.

The graphic signs are an instant recall to the world of classical architecture, the design of an Ionic capital, deconstructed and then reassembled: this original pattern is able to bring to life subsequent graphic elements.

Five iconic signs, each connected to one of the Four Elements, plus one: from this strong concept we resume the name of the collection.

Paola Edvige Fiori says: “Dieciottantanove’s symbolic motifs become windows throughout we can observe the reality: scenarios, landscape; a succession of colors that make the elements interconnected, interchangeable and make us understand, once again, how much the Earth is governed by fragile balances that we are called, every day, to preserve, in a constant commitment, which we can no longer escape”.

The collection “Elements – 4elementi+1” is totally made of fifteen new models, three for each element.

Dieciottantanove forex panels (a light and 100% recyclable material) transform the decorative element on the wall into something versatile, light, easily transportable and movable, highly customizable in sizes and colors. Five different thicknesses, from 5 millimeters to 2 centimeters, two different finishes (black or white border/thickness), they are installed on the wall with simple double-sided adhesive tape without any need to drill holes in the wall.

All the graphics are created by Paola Edvige Fiori, a young architect and interior designer graduated in Politecnico di Milano, creative director of the brand together with Blobby the Blobfish.


Dieciottantanove is an emerging brand active in the field of interior design, art and graphics, combining these areas through the creation of decorative panels for interiors: a product with a high decorative impact, customizable in sizes, colors andfinishes , easy to install and position, fully recyclable.
The brand was born in 2021 from the meeting between the architects Paola Edvige Fiori and Blobby the Blobfish.

The iconic signs of  deciottantanove’s collections belong from the academic training of its founders: the design of an ionic capital, deconstructed and reassembled, generates a range of graphic signs constantly evolving.

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