El Equipo Creativo designs Compartir Restaurant in Barcelona

El Equipo Creativo progetta il ristorante Compartir a Barcellona

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The interior design is a contemporary interpretation of the Mediterranean town of Cadaqués, where Salvador Dalì lived.

El Equipo Creativo designs Compartir Restaurant in Barcelona

El Equipo Creativo took inspiration from the slate roads, blue-framed windows looking out to the sea, vessels rocking on the bay, and wicker craftsmanship that is part of the artsy spirit of the town.

The restaurant is located in a classic venue in the Eixample district, with a spectacular steel structure dated from the beginning of the past century.


One of those spaces where one would envision an art gallery with large abstract paintings, which is so common in this neighbourhood.

El Equipo Creativo designs Compartir Restaurant in Barcelona

And so it is that the designers imagined the design: an ample white space presided by three blue abstract “windows” towards the Mediterranean Sea: a sculptural, a pictorial and a textile window. Each of these “windows” became an opportunity to collaborate with a different local artist, with whom custom-made pieces were created for the restaurant.

The curved shapes of mirrors and wicker dividers bring a warm counterpoint, converted into lamps of warm light scattered along the space, and bringing privacy to the tables, one of the client’s priorities. They recreate an abstract landscape of sails and vessels, referencing the bay of Cadaqués. Bars and kitchens have simple and bold shapes, and they perform as energy nodes activating the different areas of the restaurant.

Interior design Compartir Restaurant in Barcelona


The design team looked for a warm, light materiality with a Mediterranean touch, translated into warm-white textured surfaces and a general handmade touch. Different natural materials connect the space to the architectural landscape of Cadaqués. The grey tone of the slate stone and its application in ‘trencadís’ (a traditional Mediterranean technique), together with the natural terracotta tile colour create a powerful set that can be read in almost pictorial terms. This creates a stunning contrast to the abstract and intense blue of the windows.

Interior design Compartir Restaurant in Barcelona

El Equipo Creativo was committed to using 100 % local materials and products, as well as collaborating with local artists and artisans to create custom-made pieces for the restaurant.

Location Barcellona, Spain
Area 400 sqm
Interior Design El Equipo Creativo
Partners Oliver Franz Schmidt, Natali Canas del Pozo, Lucas Echeveste Lacy
Team leaders Daniel Trujillo, Ricard Fabregat
Lighting design MMaslighting
Photos courtesy Adria Goula

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