An Immersive Experience Center for a Skincare Brand Mageline by Leaping Creative

An Immersive Experience Center for a Skincare Brand Mageline by Leaping Creative

As Mageline taking“enjoy the beauty without makeup”as the core value and devoting technological development to skin revitalization, Leaping Creative designed an immersive experience space, a cosmetic store including retail, exhibition hall and skincare area, offering an integrated brand experience to consumers. The project is located in Wuhan city, with 5000 square meters. Divided into three function sections, the spatial traffic flows are planned efficiently to the meet different need of shopping, visiting and skin care.

The openness of retail area

The retail area at the front is absorbing at a glance with its spacious entrance. The design team extracted the curved shape as its design language for the retail area, brand image wall, and package area, which imitates the segmentation of skin cells, achieving a fluent and unified outcome visually.

Multilayered materials are used for the retail area, a metaphor of skin layers and the “three steps for facial”(three products for skin care). For example, the slate and laminated glass applied for the central hanging make the association to healthy skin, clear, white, shining.

Experience Center for a Skincare Brand Mageline

The upper hanging is absorbing and attractive in a distance. Actually, it is assembled by two partitions, the unitary part and the two staggered parts in the rear, which carve out a private way to the product experience area. The passage also connects to both sides, making a fluent traffic flow.

Immersive experience

Mageline has established the R&D center and committed to making safe and efficient formulas backed by science. Focusing on “scientific research and innovation”, Leaping Creative creates multimedia interactions, skincare popularization, raw material display, technology display, brand culture publicity and fragrance atmosphere scene, and brings consumers an immersive experience through different touch points.

Experience Center for a Skincare Brand Mageline

Leaping Creative uses multimedia projection technology to simulate cell vitality, and the ambient image creates a corridor of light and shadow flowing, guiding consumers to the next experience scene.

Alpha-KG is the core anti-aging ingredient extracted from leavened rice by selected microzyme through thousands of tests. In this area, the design team not only displays the raw materials, extraction process and experimental technology,but also designs the “bottles wall” to show thousands of testing processes. The transparent experimental bottle combined with breathing lamps creates a pure space atmosphere, and strengthens the professionalism of the core ingredients of the product. The technology area uses projection, digital screen to show the research and development process of the scientific research team, creating a multi-sensory experience, and vividly conveying the brand image.

Skincare Brand Mageline by Leaping Creative

An elegant spatial esthetics

Entering the back-end skincare area, the space presents more soothing and softer atmosphere. The scale of the reception desk is made smaller due to the privacy of the experience, to emphasize the dignity of service. The introduction of curved walls makes the route to the skincare experience winding, creating a sense of calm and privacy in the backfield.

The warm materials and skin-friendly texture make people feel relaxed and happy. The design language of the front and back-end is continuous, but showing different feels in response to the change of function, bringing a whole and immersive skin care experience to consumers.

Experience Center for a Skincare Brand Mageline

Project name: Mageline WS Dream Plaza Store
Project Location: Wuhan, China
Area: 150 sqm
Design: Leaping Creative
Design Director: Zen Zheng
Experience Planning: CC Chen
Space Designers: Jianhua Ye, Mindong Zeng, Shuming Yang, Weicheng Yang, Zijun Luo, Ailian Wang
Brand Visual designers: Zheming Ji,Maoyang Ou, Ge Zeng
Project Execution: Boquan Yu, Shuogan Zheng, Yerong Luo, Suya Huang, Zixin Huang
Project Management: Weizhen Tan
Photos courtesy: Zhaoliang Qin