Moose Knuckles’ Milan Showroom

Showroom Moose Knuckles Milano

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The 900-sq-m retail space of Canadian luxury outerwear and ready-to-wear label Moose Knuckles was designed in collaboration with multi-disciplinary design firm Cara \ Davide and creative agency Motel409.

Moose Knuckles’ Milan Showroom

Located in the Tortona design district of Milan, the showroom was inspired by the concept of “neo-nature,” a blend of the vast, barren landscape of the Canadian Arctic tundra and the metropolitan, technological streetwear world.

The Moose Knuckles’ Milan Showroom is organized into three separate spaces with guests entering through a white cube-like room, serving as an intermediary space between the street and the brand universe.

The ceiling of the installation is covered in 100 sq-m of LED panelling displaying celestial scenes, imitating a starry sky. A white cave-like space leads to the main retail area. Here, a floating structure made of hundreds of backlit PVC strips is suspended from the ceiling and illuminates the space with different coloured lights.

Moose Knuckles Tortona design district

A 4-m-long counter made of hand-beaten steel hosts the till and bar station. A wood structure climbs the wall up the ceiling, recalling a forest, and custom-made stools and display tables resemble icy lakes.

Photos courtesy Alecio Ferrari

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