The Light House: Maison m-i-d 1985 by Curiosity

The Light House: Maison m-i-d 1985 by Curiosity

The new m-i-d concept store “maison m-i-d 1985” is located in Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store, one of the most luxurious department stores in Osaka.

The Light House: Maison m-i-d 1985 by Curiosity

The “Light House”, a new concept, was created to give the brand a contemporary and vibrant feel. The unique identity is created using shades of yellow in a variety of finishes and surfaces to unify the overall feel of the space.

Maison m-i-d 1985 Osaka by Curiosity

The different yellow materials, developed specifically for the project, define the different areas according to the characteristics of the collections. The garments, mostly in black and white, stand out in the monochrome environment. The space is laid out like a labyrinth, with large transparent partitions in yellow glass bricks that reflect and divert the layered space.

The first impression of the store is that of a balance between an art installation and a magical space that catches the eye even from a distance.

The Light House Maison m-i-d 1985 
concept store

As if the line reflects upside-down, the louver on the ceiling is organized with the same pitched lines as the glass laid on the floor. The order created by the well-organized line completes a striking yet comfortable impression on your eyes.

Transparent glass on the walls, soft tones in the floor tiles and metal louvers on the ceiling create a rhythmic yet unified space. Light from the ceiling is diffused through latticed metal slats, bathing the entire store in a soft, fresh yellow.

Curiosity designed The Light House a new concept store for maison m-i-d 1985

As the largest concept store, the space offers the customers plenty of relaxing space to carefully browse selected items, with original comfortable chairs.

The composition of glass brick surfaces and monolithic abstract volumes creates an unexpected, iconic and memorable retail environment.

Design: Curiosity
Photo:  Satoshi Shigeta