A blue labyrinth m-i-d Daimaru Kobe by Curiosity

M-I-D Daimaru Kobe by Curiosity

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Curiosity, the multidisciplinary studio based in Tokyo, created by French designer Gwenael Nicolas, designed a blue labyrinth, a new concept store for the m-i-d brand, which opened in the Daimaru Kobe Store.

m-i-d Daimaru Kobe concept store by Curiosity

Situated on the 3rd floor of the popular department store in Kobe, the fashionable city in the Kansai region, the store invites shoppers from multiple dimensions opened widely to corridors. The store showcases only the selected collections of m-i-d’s 5 segmented brands, with the individual characters of these brands appearing.

The remarkable and selected items are equally balanced, and their individual characters appear between vertical slab walls of different heights, offering fun to browse the items in the random layout in a soft tone.

Concept Store

The design, conceived as a labyrinth, is deconstructed to create new perspectives and unexpected configurations.

The vertical walls, reflected by mirrors, surround the customer in an installation-like retail environment.

m-i-d Daimaru Kobe concept store by Curiosity

The walls and floors are unified with the same material and a soft shade of blue, carefully chosen for this store to express its urban character.

The dynamic onyx pattern of large slab walls leads the impression of the interior. In keeping with the sophisticated atmosphere, the furnishings include large stone tables in the same pattern as the tiled walls and a sofa in the same shade of blue.

The rust-bronze metal stages provide an effective accent, creating balanced sequences with the texture of the walls and the line of the ceiling.

A blue labyrinth m-i-d Daimaru Kobe by Curiosity

Location Kobe, Japan
Design Curiosity
Photos courtesy Satoshi Shigeta

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