Curiosity designed the space for SENSAI flagship Shanghai

SENSAI flagship Shanghai

Opened in October 2023 as the brand’s first flagship store with a spa in the world.

Curiosity designed the space for SENSAI flagship Shanghai

It consists of a shopping area and a spa area, providing customers with an exceptional experience. The concept of both areas portrays the philosophy that the SENSAI brand has been proposing globally for many years, based on Japanese traditional aesthetics, while creating a modern atmosphere.

The memorable interior with a strong icon of SENSAI is visible from the outside, creating a stunning impression that grabs passengers’ attention.

curve covering over the circular consultation counter

The main feature of the shopping area is the chandelier with delicate strings reminiscent of the iconic ingredient of SENSAI cosmetics, “Koishimaru Silk”. The beautiful curve covering over the circular consultation counter naturally attracts customers’ eyes into the products.

The dynamic curve guides the customers to the different areas in the room. Deep matte black on the wall highlights the immaculate silky object, creating an atmosphere of tranquility. Mirror reflection creates two floating large circles on the ceiling, which brings the generous depth to the space.

“Omotenashi BAR”, offering the customers special wrapping services inspired by four seasons in Japan, is created by terrazzo tile, upcycled material being saved from waste. The counter is surrounded by the original chairs created by Curiosity.

SENSAI flagship Shanghai BAR area

At the salon space: even in the minimalist colour palette, the space offers an exquisite balance between gravity and floating, created by the unique shape of the artwork on the wall.

In contrast to the shopping area, the spa area is warmly lit to create a relaxing atmosphere. The entrance welcomes the guests in the warm lighting with wooden slats, and the glass art created by Shohei Yokoyama accentuates the space. The dynamic feeling created by delicate fibres with the unique texture is reminiscent of soft silk, yet, looks like one-stroke brush paint, raising guests’ expectations.

SENSAI flagship Shanghai SPA area

After the entrance, the majestic space is dramatically revealed with two monumental cocoons that alternately illuminate the space in exquisite gradations, like an installation that expresses the extraordinary world of SENSAI. This provides guests with a striking impression and an immersive moment.

The immersing space before the exclusive treatment experience is filled with Japanese aesthetics cultivated in the manners of the traditional tea ceremony, evolved in the modern interpretation.

SENSAI flagship Shanghai SPA area

Guests begin their journey on the welcoming garden walkway and then encounter warm hospitality in the waiting room, which is reminiscent of a traditional tea ceremony. The waiting room offers guests the special service of choosing from five different flagrances to suit their conditions and moods.

The immersive corridor provides the guests with a special moment for the guests, encouraging them to cleanse themselves before the exceptional experience in the treatment rooms. The winding route will transport the guest into a completely different world, isolated from the outside world.

The destination is the luxurious treatment rooms, offering the guests the exclusive spa experience in the warm and comfortable atmosphere. The same icon art creates the comfortable sequence continued from the salon space of the store.

luxurious treatment rooms

It is designed as an “experience-based concept store”. Despite being adjacent to the shopping area, the spa has a separate entrance to make the spa experience even more special.

Design Curiosity
Photo courtesy  Kanebo