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French charme meets turkish flair. French department store chain Galeries Lafayette has opened a new branch in Istanbul, designed by Berlin based Plajer&Franz Studio.

New Galeries Lafayette is located at Emaar Square Mall, an emerging quarter in the asian part of the turkish metropolis.

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Since May, a modern French atmosphere sets an ideal scenery for customers to discover a luxurious world of cosmetics, accessories and jewelry, handbags, fashion, shoes, apparel for kids and homewares. Galeries Lafayette Istanbul is the first departments store to be opened after the new, future-oriented corporate branding had been introduced. Therefore a modern and clear design language had to match the department store Group’s unmistakable style.

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Newly interpreted design elements, interesting mixture of materials, special lighting scenarios and color accents create a distinctive shopping experience. For example, french panels are ”engraved” into the deep bronze window frames at the main entrance. And indoor façades made of either wood or sandblasted glass with varnished rears transform into exclusive “shop windows” for the sub-brands, adding a continuous line of Galeries Lafayette’s language throughout the entire store. Individual furniture designs, complemented by selected antiquities, create a private atmosphere. Eventually natural daylight has made its come back settings pleasant accent along the window façades.

plajer franz istanbul galeries lafayette concept store

The highlight of the design concept is a 20 meter wide atrium. Situated above, Plajer &Franz Studio designed an extraordinary cupola, made of polished steels prim, that had been pressed with a pressure of 80 tons. Patterned with a new laser-cut technique, the “coupole” is an artistic interpretation of the famous cupola at the retailers’ headquarter in Paris. The result: an exceptional installation, connecting high-tech and beauty. In general, installing and intuitive guidance system is one of the great challenges in department store designs.
Apart from designing visual axes across the building, Plajer&Franz used contrasting material and highlighting elements to provide superior guidance for the customers.
Natural stone flooring with different patterns dominate the catwalks, store areas are laid with wooden flooring. Decorative luminaires, joint and ceiling sails mark the sales and highlight areas. Plajer &Franz has been developing brand architecture for french luxury department store Group Galeries Lafayette since 2005.

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After redesigns for Galeries Lafayette Berlin and the overall planning of department store Galeries Lafayette in Jakarta, berlin based Plajer&Franz Studio has yet again designed a new project for the French retailer – this time in Istanbul.

Store Design Plajer&Franz Studio
Project Manager Mrs Patricia Senft-Finsterer
Area 9,500 sqm
Light Designer Lichtspiel
Local Architect Yoo Architecture
Shopfitter Arco Advanced shopfitting, Mob Size
Light Nordic Light
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